Top 10 Movies Disneylover19 Dislikes that Everyone Else Loves

I feel like most people go crazy over these films, and as you can tell I am not one of those people.
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The Top Ten

1 LA LA Land

One of the movies of recent - iliekpiez

I think almost everyone else on this site dislikes this. I'm an exception though. - Misfire

2 Frozen

This is actually really hated because of bandwagoning. - Misfire

3 The Hobbit
4 Paranormal Activity
5 The Princess and the Frog
6 Titanic
7 The Sting
8 Romeo + Juliet
9 There Will Be Blood
10 The Wolf of Wall Street

I actually like this film and Romeo + Juliet, but I respect your opinion. Yeah, I agree with you on Titanic, I think it is supposed to be rated R, not PG-13, at least that is what my friend Film Person says because he hates Titanic so much. My friend and I like this film and Romeo + Jukuet better, that is our opinions. - Badabooo2