Top 10 Best Movies of the First Half of 2018

Okay, let’s go over this. There are 12 months in a year. 12 divided by 2 is 6. Meaning that half of 12 is 6. So the first half of the year would be the first 6 months. June is the 6th month of the year. So everything after June would be considered the second half of the year. This list should only include movies from January-June of 2018. There have been some pretty great films to come out this year so far. So let’s discuss them.

The Top Ten

1 Avengers: Infinity War

Just because a film is BIG doesn't necessarily mean it was the best. This movie was HUGE! Biggest crossover event in superhero history. It was ok, I guess, even better than I expected it. Extraordinarily well handled by the directors and writer, giving each character apt screen time. But the Quiet place was probably the Best. But Black panther was a better marvel movie than This. - MovieFan007

So this list only consists of mainstream and generic films. Do people in this website watch anything that isn't superhero movies or big blockbusters? - Ale99

This masterpiece was better then I expected... amazing movie - DarkKnight2005

Incredible - iliekpiez

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2 Black Panther

#Unpopular Opinions - Klaue should have been the MAIN villain. As a white person, I thought that while we could use a film mainly about another race, we should have given a white a prominent role. And I don't find it insensitive if the only major white character was the villain, because villains are awesome! - 445956

Definitely Black Panther it was a masterpiece - 2storm

One of the best that the MCU has to offer. Very good. Not THAT good, Rotten Tomatoes, but it was good. ill give it a grade of a...89%. - MovieFan007

Honestly, not a favourite of mine. The plot drags until the third act, which is just a cluster of bad special effects. The section of the movie that takes place in Korea feels totally pointless and disconnected, which is sad because it has the best action scene of the movie (the casino). Killmonger is a good concept, but he's very underdeveloped. He doesn't do anything until the second half of the movie, and he doesn't come off as a believable character as a result. T'Challa, while different from other Marvel protagonists in that he doesn't crack jokes, doesn't really have any personality. He's just... stoic? The supporting characters are mostly really unnecessary. His mother, love interest and uncle are so bland and pointless that they really could be cut, altogether (with some alterations to Killmonger's backstory). I believe the idea behind martin Freeman's character is that he's a "token white guy," but he's not an interesting character. The best movies take interesting ...more - OomlaGuhmaGagh

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3 Incredibles 2 Incredibles 2

This movie really is great. It's not as good as the first one but it's pretty darn close. I'm actually kind of surprised they said "hell", "crap", and "damn" a bunch of times. Typically, Pixar films don't include that language. Pixar respects their audience's intelligence and they don't pander to a young audience. They (and Walt Disney Animation Studios) make movies for everyone to enjoy. - phillysports

Easily the best movie of the first half of 2018, there's just so much to love about this film, in fact, this may cause some anger, but the real villain actually caught me off guard. In my opinion, this is the 3rd best film Pixar has ever made (2nd is Wall-E and 1st is Toy Story 3).

This movie is debatably better than the original, though I must admit the ending was more poorly executed. Overall though, it was really damn good! - RevolverOcelot

I can't watch this until July because I live in the UK - Gangem

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4 A Quiet Place

An incredible feat... an amazingly thrilling film... I'm at a loss of words. - MovieFan007

I’m not a fan of horror films, but this one is legitimately great. I wouldn’t exactly say it’s scary, but it’s pretty suspenseful. The family isn’t allowed to make a sound or else they’ll be attacked by these alien type creatures. They go out of there way to make it feel like we are part of the situation. While watching this in the theater, I was afraid to make a sound since I was imagining myself in that situation. The fact that these characters spent months living in this apocalyptic world is impressive. We see how they live with all this happening. I have a few complaints though. The parents are complete idiots! They let their youngest son die because they weren’t watching him! He was walking behind them and they didn’t care! Also, I didn’t like the ending. Not only did the dad die despite there being an easy way to avoid that, it’s revealed that these creatures can be taken down with a single gun shot! Why didn’t the military think of doing that? The guns ...more - MegaSoulhero

5 Paddington 2

I was surprised at how good it was - iliekpiez

I love this movie so much. It’s so cute and heartwarming. I loved the first movie, but I didn’t think it needed a sequel. I thought this wouldn’t have the same charm as the first one. To my surprise, it ended up being better than the first one. Every character is just so likeable. I like how almost the entire town acts very nice to Paddington. It’s not one of those movie where a character has trouble fitting in and everyone makes fun of him for it. Paddington has trouble fitting in, but everyone is so cool about it. The cinematography is extremely good. Some of the best I’ve seen in years. Paddington is the kind of character that is very hard to hate. He’s just so kind to everyone. He also manages to make being in prison seem fun. The ending is just very emotional. I actually almost shed a tear at the end. This is a very surprisingly great film. It’s easily the best live action/CGI adaptation ever made. - MegaSoulhero

6 Ready Player One

Reference:The Movie. - DapperPickle

In the first 5 minutes, I was really hating this film. But it honestly grew on me. I never read the book, so I had no idea what this was about. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed. I wouldn’t call it a great film, but it’s good for what it is. I thought the references were pretty clever. There’s an entire scene that takes place in the Shining and the jokes there are pretty funny. I honestly thought this movie would just be a bunch of references with very little story, but it’s more than that. The performances from the actors are very believable. Although, I really didn’t feel the connection between the boy and the girl. Can’t remember their names. I felt their relationship was very forced. It didn’t add anything to the movie. Ready Player One was better than I thought it would be. It really caught me by surprise. - MegaSoulhero

7 Deadpool 2

I don't know if I like it more than the first, but it was very good - Gangem

Quite funny, and much more visually interesting than the first. - OomlaGuhmaGagh

Probably better than the original. definitely more watchable, and more funny. For me the original was a grade 80%, but this one was 90% - MovieFan007

There are so many things that I could do with a time travel device. So many mistakes I’ve made on this website alone. I wish I could go back in time and stop myself from putting Princess Peach on the list of worst animated characters excluding Netflix. I did that for humor purposes and so many people got angry. Anyway, Deadpool 2 is not as good as the first one, but still a worthy sequel. The humor is still very funny. A lot of great 4th wall jokes as well as some nice visual gags. The action is very entertaining to watch. I personally think Domino is a great character even though she’s literally a Mary Sue. The first movie is far superior since I thought that movie had a better story. This one is still entertaining, but it could’ve been a lot better. - MegaSoulhero

8 Love, Simon

Not really good... - MovieFan007

I thought this movie was gonna suck, but it ended up being pretty great. Fun fact: the director of this movie wrote the screenplay for Green Lantern. So I guess he’s a better director than he is a writer. I didn’t watch this movie while it was in theaters since it didn’t really catch my interest. I kind of wish I did though. It has such a powerful message about being who you are. The message doesn’t come off as forced. It’s very heartfelt and the performances really make it a lot better. There needs to be more movies like this. People were right when they said this movie was worth watching. - MegaSoulhero

9 Annihilation
10 Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Chris Pratt amazing actor

Chris pratt was great as always, and it was a thrilling ride from the beginning, and definitely more fun than the first one, but still... not much under the hood. 67%. - MovieFan007

HAHAAHAHAAH, worst list ever - Ale99

The Contenders

11 Batman: Gotham by Gaslight
12 Lean on Pete
13 Isle of Dogs

Isle of Dogs was directed by Wes Anderson who also made Fantastic Mr. Fox. Another stop-motion animation film. The best thing about this movie is easily the animation. Literally everything in it is stop motion. It’s amazing how much detail went into this. The dogs actually move like real dogs. Even the settings are very detailed. I also really like the story. However, despite its great animation and great story, I thought this movie was kinda overrated. One reason being the dialogue. None of the actors are able to make this dialogue work. It just sounds awkward and they’re not really trying that hard. Also, I didn’t connect with the characters as much as I wanted to. This is a good movie, but I really wanted to like it a lot more. It’s just kinda disappointing. - MegaSoulhero

14 Batman Ninja
15 Game Night

Comedy movies can either be good or bad. From the trailers, this looked like it would be bad. Surprisingly, I actually found myself laughing quite a lot. Jason Bateman was absolutely hilarious in this. I still think he was better in Zootopia, but this is pretty close to that level. I really hope they make a Zootopia sequel. There are moments that I kinda shook my head at, but there are quite a lot of funny jokes in this. I honestly had a fun time. More so that I thought I would. - MegaSoulhero

When she shot his hand - 2storm

16 Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay
17 Early Man
18 Gnomeo & Juliet: Sherlock Gnomes


19 Loveless
20 Scooby-Doo & Batman: The Brave and the Bold

This is the new Tom & Jerry & Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory.

21 Ocean's 8
22 The Death of Stalin
23 Solo: A Star Wars Story

Very Pointless film. Apparently, since the last Jedi, Disney is contending who can make the Worst star wars film.48% - MovieFan007

24 Blockers
25 Action Point
26 Maze Runner: The Death Cure
27 First Reformed
28 A Wrinkle in Time
29 Book Club
30 Gotti
31 Bad Samaritan
32 Hereditary
33 Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

You need to go watch this. - Trollsfan536

34 Héctor el Father: Conocerás la Verdad
35 Rampage

Uwe Boll strikes again. I wish someone would come along and remake all of his films, because most of his stories could make some pretty hardcore action films! by the way, this movie is probably the usual for boll, a one-digit rating( although I think this could be better than most) 10% - MovieFan007

36 Life of the Party
37 Superfly
38 You Were Never Really Here
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