Top Ten Movies to Never Let Your Kids Watch On TV

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1 Showgirls

Someone add The Possession please.

This movie has too much nudity.

Someone also add Whiteout.

2 A Clockwork Orange

Remix this list

3 Cujo
4 Halloween (2007)

I watched it on hurricane sandy and

5 Scarface

Because of all the killing, right? - Songsta41

Because of all the killing, right? - Songsta41

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6 African Cats

What's wrong about a documentary? Maybe it's something I don't understand.

7 Old Yeller

This movie will leave deep emotional scars for the rest of their lives!

"Deep emotional scars:". I have them from bullying and moving a lot. It's just something that happens in childhood! You, sir, have forgotten yours. - PizzaGuy

8 Psycho (1998)
9 Inglourious Basterds
10 Hollow Man

The Newcomers

? Alien: Covenant

My eight-year-old cousin is going to see it never watch it when you're 3�"7 years old

? Prometheus

The Contenders

11 Psycho (1960)
12 Saw
13 Scream
14 Bee Movie

According To All Known Laws Of Aviation, There Is No Way That This Family Friendly Movie Should Be Here - JPK

15 Sin City
16 Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
17 Halloween II (2009)
18 Silent Night, Deadly Night
19 The Thing
20 The Exorcist
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