Top Ten Movies That People Either Love or Hate


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21 Jurassic World

I saw it in theatre with a friend once and we didn't think it was that bad.

22 American Sniper
23 Crash (2004)
24 Inside Out
25 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It wasn't that good but it's not the monstrosity people are making it out to be

Ben Affleck : A very good Batman after all.
Amy Adams : outstanding as usual.
Jesse Eisenberg : biggest mistake of all time!
The movie : worth to watch.

26 Tangled V 1 Comment
27 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra
28 The Passion of the Christ
29 Apocalypse Now

Who the hell could hate this masterpiece?

30 Chicken Little

My favorite movie when I was little! - Danguy10

31 Spider-Man 3
32 A.I. - Artificial Intelligence
33 Suicide Squad

I actually like this movie, and I'll tell you up front, I am not a DCEU hater/fanboy or a Marvel fanboy, I like both universes, (Weird huh? I must be an alien or something) Suicide Squad is not the worst movie ever, it's ok, Don't say this movie is copying Marvel just because it has humor, Marvel doesn't own the rights to using humor in their movies, and if DC movies were completely dark and gritty with absolutely no humor whatsoever then that's a really unrealistic look at the world, The movie is average, People who like it aren't idiots, people who dislike it aren't Marvel fanboys, it's not the best movie ever and it's not the worst movie ever

It went the same route as Batman Vs Superman, when it first came out, dispite the negative reviews, everyone was saying "screw those critics, this movie is awesome" Then out of nowhere everyone suddenly changed to "this movie blows, it's the worst movie of the year"

34 Man of Steel

If we're on the terms of the title, this is the most split down movie ever.
One side likes it, one doesn't.
It's nuts.

35 Men In Black

One of my favourite franchises. Haters gonna hate. - PositronWildhawk

I love MIB. This is a great movie. I don't care if anyone agrees with me or not.

I haven't seen any of the other films mentioned but I like this. I neither love nor hate it. - Britgirl

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36 Brave
37 Justin Bieber's Believe
38 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Put The Angry Birds Movie please

39 The Cable Guy
40 Kick-Ass
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