Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture

Movies that were nominated for Best Picture but lost.

The Top Ten

1 The Pianist

Lost to Chicago

2 Saving Private Ryan

A movie that progresses through the brotherhood of soldiers and honor of the Country to save a single Private for his mother. An amazing film and it should have won Best Picture. "Shakespeare in Love" is a nice chick flick but that's it. It'll be forgotten as another simple romance film that rocked the world for about a year. But "Saving Private Ryan" proved to be a benchmark for the standard of film-making centralised on warfare.

V 1 Comment
3 The Queen

Lost to The Departed. - throne24

4 Citizen Kane

Lost to How Green was my Valley - throne24

5 Lincoln V 1 Comment
6 GoodFellas

Lost to Dances with Wolves - throne24

7 The Color Purple

Lost to Out of Africa - throne24

8 As Good As It Gets
9 Traffic
10 To Kill a Mockingbird

This is an on the fence pick, seeing as both are great films.

Lost to Lawrence of Arabia - throne24

The Contenders

11 The Full Monty
12 The Exorcist V 1 Comment
13 Ghost V 1 Comment
14 Brokeback Mountain V 1 Comment
15 The Dark Knight
16 The Shawshank Redemption
17 Star Wars
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