Movies That Should Have Won Best Picture

Movies that were nominated for Best Picture but lost.

The Top Ten

1 The Pianist

Lost to Chicago

2 Saving Private Ryan

A movie that progresses through the brotherhood of soldiers and honor of the Country to save a single Private for his mother. An amazing film and it should have won Best Picture. "Shakespeare in Love" is a nice chick flick but that's it. It'll be forgotten as another simple romance film that rocked the world for about a year. But "Saving Private Ryan" proved to be a benchmark for the standard of film-making centralised on warfare.

Lost to Shakespeare in Love - throne24

3 The Queen

Lost to The Departed. - throne24

4 Citizen Kane

Lost to How Green was my Valley - throne24

5 Lincoln

Lost to Argo

6 GoodFellas

Lost to Dances with Wolves - throne24

7 The Color Purple

Lost to Out of Africa - throne24

8 As Good As It Gets
9 Traffic
10 To Kill a Mockingbird

This is an on the fence pick, seeing as both are great films.

Lost to Lawrence of Arabia - throne24

The Contenders

11 The Full Monty
12 The Dark Knight
13 The Exorcist

Lost to The Sting

14 Ghost

Lost to Dances with Wolves

15 Brokeback Mountain

Lost to Crash

16 The Shawshank Redemption
17 Star Wars
18 Dunkirk
19 Get Out
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