Best Movies to Watch If You Like Inception

Of course, I love Inception more than any other movie as of now, and for other Inception-lovers here is a list of the best movies to watch if you love Inception.
The Top Ten
1 The Matrix The Matrix Product Image

This is kind of like a father to Inception, and they are possibly the two best and most unique science fiction movies of all time. The matrix is quite similar to the dream world in Inception, as you get hooked up to a machine and enter a subconscious-like world in both, but one difference is when you die in the dream world in Inception you wake up or sometimes drop into limbo until “your brains turn to scrambled egg”, but if you die in the Matrix, you die in the real world. The Matrix was pretty good, though I have some problems with it as they introduced a bunch of characters, made no development with any of them, and killed most of them off in one little scene for no reason.

this is better than inception. Inception Is bad

yes inception copied this

2 Interstellar Interstellar Product Image

Another Nolan film, and almost as good when it comes to sci-fi. Just as confusing but you can still follow along

3 Edge of Tomorrow Edge of Tomorrow Product Image

The action version of Groundhog Day, this is a pretty great sci-fi movie that will possibly remind you of Inception, and while it isn’t close to as good it is still a really good one to watch

Tom Cruise is great

4 12 Monkeys 12 Monkeys Product Image

Now this is a confusing movie. I can’t explain any of it without spoiling a lot, but if you have seen it you will know how it reminds you of Inception

In Inception, I think they try to explain everything so you aren't confused, but here the point of it is to make you confused

yeah this was super strange and gives you that classic inception feel

5 Shutter Island Shutter Island Product Image

Another good DiCaprio movie. I personally don’t know how it is like Inception, but on online lists like this it is usually pretty high, so there you go.

6 Inception Inception Product Image

If you like Inception, you should watch Inception, right? But I bet people weren’t expecting this on the list, so I should put this one pretty low

funny to see this one here

7 Paprika Paprika Product Image

I've seen it and I think that either inception is a copy of it or Paprika is a copy of inception

A little known movie which is pretty much exactly like Inception. Just more vivid.

8 The Prestige The Prestige Product Image

An extremely good Nolan film that will make you think, just as Inception does

9 Predestination Predestination Product Image

Watch it if you like Inception. That’s all I have to say

10 Doctor Strange (2016) Doctor Strange (2016) Product Image

This is a lot alike Inception in some ways. There is lots of world bending, and there are some amazing and difficult to understand (at times) concepts

The Contenders
11 Heat Heat Product Image

Probably the second best heist movie ever

12 Memento Memento Product Image

Possibly the most unique movie of all time. This was a huge mind bender, and many fans of Inception love it.

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