Movies You Shouldn't Watch While Eating


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1 The Human Centipede

I don't even like to watch this movie when I'm not eating. - egnomac

How can you stomach people forced to eat crap?

2 Cannibal Holocaust
3 Super Size Me

I don't find this movie disgusting enough to put you off while eating. Whether you'll go to McDonald's after it ever again after seeing it however... - Mrveteran

This is a documentary where a man named Morgan Spurlock does an experiment on what it feels likes when he only eats Mcdonald's food for 30 days. And he ends up getting really sick and vomits all other the street.

4 Dead Alive

I can't decide which movie above and below each other is more gorier. Dead Alive or Cannibal Holocaust?

Cannibal Holocaust is more gory because animals getting killed are real. Dead Alive is fake.

5 Debris Documentar
6 Saw III

It's a saw film. What else would you expect?

7 Hostel
8 Hannibal
9 Cannibal (2006)
10 Freddy Got Fingered

The Newcomers

? Showgirls
? Son of the Mask

The Contenders

11 The Angels' Melancholy
12 Pink Flamingos
13 Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom
14 Jackass: The Movie
15 Grotesque

Clearly the BBFC agrees, having banned it in the UK. Cheers guys! - Mrveteran

16 Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

There's this one scene where the Nazis open up the lost ark. And when they do thousands of ghosts appear and zap the other Nazis to death. The three leaders faces are also melted off or exploded after looking at them for too long. it's too disgusting for a PG rated film.

17 Sweet Movie
18 Seven
19 Jackass 3

There are many moments worth noting but the "volcano" scene tops them all. This movie should be higher. - BKAllmighty

20 Jackass Number 2
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1. The Human Centipede
2. Super Size Me
3. Freddy Got Fingered
1. Dead Alive
2. The Human Centipede
3. Cannibal Holocaust
1. Debris Documentar
2. Cannibal (2006)
3. The Angels' Melancholy



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