Top 10 Best Matt Damon Movies

Top movies from Matt Damon, one of my favorite actors.
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1 Good Will Hunting

I don't think this is the best film on the list, but I think it's probably the film that Damon is best in. The story itself isn't very interesting or original, but the way that Damon, Williams, and Affleck's dialogue works is so powerful.

Not only did he act well in this movie, but he also wrote the screenplay and won an Oscar for it.

My favorite movie ever! He was fantastic in it, and so was Robin Williams. Bravo.

2 The Bourne Ultimatum

No argument whatsoever, this is the best Matt Damon movie ever made. Although you can't deny that all of his movies are great.

Strong character, charismatic and intelligent moves... I love Saving Private Ryan. Emotion touched!

This should totally be number 1! The Bourne Series is the best ever!

3 The Departed

Matt Damon's role is so believable. The movie is destined to be a classic. Not as sensational as Bourne movies, but real, gritty, and haunting performances from an all-star cast!

It's not even a contest. None of his other movies are really that good. He plays a great villain in this one.

I voted on it because the whole movie is the best. If we're talking performances, Good Will Hunting overshines...

4 Saving Private Ryan
5 The Martian

I just saw this in the movies. It was the funniest, most thrilling, and thought-provoking movie I've seen. One of my all-time favorite films! It's just incredible. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! Matt Damon is amazing in it, not to mention the story is intense!
(The Departed is brilliant too, though)

Once again, Matt shows what an incredible actor he is. The movie would not be such a great success without his brilliant portrayal!

The best Matt Damon movie. Funny and thrilling.

6 The Talented Mr. Ripley

Truly one of the finest thriller movies of all time, very artfully made.

7 The Bourne Identity

Personally, my favorite Bourne movie.

8 The Adjustment Bureau

Matt and Emily have incredible chemistry, and they are the reason the movie works!

Really awesome movie that will definitely cheer you up.

9 The Bourne Supremacy
10 Elysium

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? Drive-Away Dolls
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11 Interstellar
12 True Grit
13 Dogma
14 The Rainmaker

Great movie with Danny DeVito. I liked how he fought the cases.

15 Ocean's Eleven

Should've had a bigger role in this movie.

16 Ponyo

I watched this when I was seven, and I was deeply scarred by this film.

17 Ford v Ferrari
18 We Bought a Zoo
19 Rounders
20 Air
21 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
22 Oppenheimer
23 Mystic Pizza
24 Green Zone
25 Jason Bourne
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