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1 Rocky

I really did enjoy the fourth Rocky, but there's simply no chance in the world that it's better than either of the first two movies. In terms of pure quality, the first two movies are almost interchangable... No matter which one you pull out of a bag you wouldn't go wrong.

Conventional wisdom would give the nod to the first Rocky. It started the entire story and it won Best Picture that year (1976). In essence, the second Rocky completes the story and the rivalry between Rocky and Apollo which was started in the first movie.

The two fights between Apollo and Rocky are just two all out classic slugfests. Just two rivals going at it until the final bell. Unmatched.

The fourth movie was more political than anything else. The fight between Rocky and Drago was a pretty brutal bloodbath... I will admit that... But it wasn't pure boxing in my opinion. It was more symbolic of the Cold War rather than just a boxing match. That's what puts in below the Rocky/Apollo bouts.

I enjoyed Rocky III, put it was a little two over the top for me. The third Rocky is when the storyline started to branch off in a different direction than the rivalry between Apollo and Rocky.

There's no way the rankings of these films are anywhere near the reality of accuracy.

2 Rocky IV

A very good rocky, second or third best. I would say that it had a chance at the best if the ending wasn't so predictable. But there was no way rocky was losing after Appolo died. Still one of the best!

Rocky 5 was good, but this one was the best. I Love when Rocky's cruisin in his sports car and thinkin all about the past to "No Easy Way Out". Gives me goosebumps and chills.

This one is the best. And by the way. The comment on rocky 5 came from rocky 6 so thanks for making a fool out of yourself on the internet! HAHAHA! Think before you post.

3 Rocky III

The greatest Rocky, in my opinion, gained a lot of fame. Hulk Hogan and Mr. T are in this film, and they play great roles. One of the greatest scenes of all time is the face-off between Hulk Hogan and Rocky Balboa. Rocky I is also remembered for Eye of the Tiger. How can you forget Eye of the Tiger? It should have won the Oscar for Best Original Song. Additionally, Rocky tackles various mental issues in this film. It's incredibly addictive. This movie definitely deserves a spot in Stallone's top ten movies. Rocky I was a massive box office success, surpassing the domestic gross of its predecessor Rocky II and becoming the fourth highest-grossing film of 1982. It earned $125,049,125 domestically during its theatrical run. Rocky I received nominations for the Award of the Japanese Academy for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Motion Picture at the Image Awards. The film's theme song, Eye of the Tiger, was nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards, the BAFTA Film Awards, and the Golden Globes. Overall, the performances by everyone in this film are great.

4 Rocky II

#1 Rocky movie by far and how could you be able to say this is #4 like come on.

When Adrienne says "Win! " and Mick says "What are waitin for? " enough said.

5 Rocky Balboa

A fitting and heartfelt ending for Rocky. After all those years and all that loss, he proves he still has what it takes to go the distance. So glad they made one more after the embarrassment that was rocky 5.

In my opinion the worst of them all, it was a movie that they forced in because Stallone was not happy with rocky 5, not sure why? But very slow moving for the first hour and a half with an ok ending!

The most emotional rocky yet and definitely a beautiful classic in a group of classics

6 Creed

Such a great film. I think it should be #4 or 5. It's awesome and unique. When I first heard of this film, I didn't think it was related to the Rocky series. I heard it's about boxing and had Sylvester Stallone in it, but never thought he was Rocky in this one.

7 Rocky V

Against the greater opinion, I believe this rocky was the best of them all. A street fight that no one saw coming and a head injury from rocky that had you wondering if he would even survive the fight.

R.I.P Tommy Gunn. But thi one's my least favorite

At least we can all agree on the worst.

8 Creed II
9 Creed III
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