Most Undeserving Best Picture Oscar Winners

Movies that did not deserve to win the Best Picture Academy Award. It's never easy picking a Best Picture winner but some years you have to wonder why some movies win over movies that are much more deserving.
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1 Shakespeare in Love

Of the best picture winners I've personally seen, this one was the least deserving. It looked pretty enough, nice costumes and whatnot. Decent art direction, whatever. The movie looked fine. I'm sure it was acted fine as well, I don't remember. And that's just it - I don't remember this movie. It was entirely forgettable. It was just a sappy, silly period romance film. It was a trifle. Nothing about it struck me as special, profound, or worthy of the title of "best picture of the year". It's frequently listed as the least (or one of the least) deserving films to ever win the award, so I guess I'm not the only one who feels this way. Saving Private Ryan may have been an imperfect film, but it was a far greater cinematic achievement than this.

Uhhh that movie was terrible. It felt as if it was an ordinary fan fiction about Shakespeare. It's a shame "Saving Private Ryan" didn't get it. A good cast (besides Ben Affleck) with poor acting throughout the whole film, and an old reused dynamic for a romance story, just with Shakespeare. Definitely the #1 worst chosen movie to win best picture.

2 Slumdog Millionaire

I wonder how many of the voters who made this film the number one choice are just angry because The Dark Knight didn't win instead. And truth be told, it probably should have. But it wasn't even nominated (the main reason why the best picture category was expanded to include more films the following year) and, of the films that DID get the nod, I feel that Slumdog was the best. Contrived and manipulative? Sure. But extremely well-made? Unquestionably. This is far from the worst best picture winner to come down the pike.

Slumdog Millionaire is nothing compared to The Dark Knight. It is considered one of the greatest films ever made and didn't even get nominated

Why the dark knight don't was nominated?

3 The Hurt Locker

This wasn't the most intriguing film for me and I think the Oscar was a bit over estimated but it did present a lot of good war themes and had a lot great actors and acting within. It's still worth watching.

This movie literally has no story. It has only random war scenes with no continuity and story plot. Worst Movie of all time

Inglourious Basterds should have won.

4 Chicago

The Oscars love movie musicals and all that "Old Hollywood" glitz and glamour nonsense. In that category Moulin Rouge (one year prior) was a better film and of the other best picture choices of 2002, Gangs of New York was the better choice.

Gangs of New York should have won but apparently the academy loves musicals better than movies better than movies that are really good.

Gangs of New York, or The Pianist should have won!

5 Crash

This movie proves that Oscars is all politics. It deals with racist issues so the political correct thing to do is give this movie an oscar. But the movie itself was very lame and there were too much cliches being used. As for the acting nobody was standing out for this picture. All this actors and actresses ( some are overrated ) were certainly not giving their best performances, despite what the press told us. This is the kind of movie you only watch one time and than you forget about it, because there's no one scene in it that will stuck in your mind afterwards. It's so lame in fact that this movie will not give you something to think about.

This was such a pretentious, silly movie. It was all, "People are still racists even when they think they're not." Yeah, we know. This film beat "Brokeback Mountain" for best picture which was a mistake. People still talk about, refer to, joke about "Brokeback"; who ever references "Crash"? I'm still bitter about it, obviously.

6 How Green Was My Valley

If Citizen Kane is suppose to be the greatest movie of all time than how in the world did it lose to this forgettable movie.

7 Dances with Wolves

An excellent film, the kind of sweeping epics that the Academy loves to recognize. It's a passionate film, a love letter to the old frontier and the noble people who all but disappeared along with it. The only reason people tend to crap on it is because "Goodfellas be the bast thang avur, yo". To each their own, we're all entitled to our own opinions. Mine is that, good though it may be, Goodfellas wasn't even Scorsese's best movie let alone the best film of 1990.

Goodfellas should have won the award. Great storyline, great acting (Joe Pesci and Robert de Niro). Truly it was a masterpiece by Martin Scorsese.

An over-long epic film that doesn't do much for me in the way of movies.

8 Annie Hall

Woody Allen beat Star Wars. Do I really need to say anything else?

Stupid jokes, bad acting, do I need to say more?

9 American Beauty

1999 was a highly competitive year. Three of the other best picture nominees were, in my opinion, great films, and for anyone who wanted to vote for a film that wasn't there was The Cider House Rules too. American Beauty was the most artsy-fartsy and supposedly "deep" of the lot, so it's no surprise that it won, but I'm not necessarily convinced that it didn't deserve to. It had an interesting script, great dialogue and strong performances all around.

Can you name any movie that resembles American Beauty? You can't.

No, it deserves it

10 The Artist

Not a bad movie, just no where near as good as the likes of Hugo, Midnight in Paris, or The Tree of Life.

Did anyone actually see this movie it even surprises me that this movie was nominated at all.

The Contenders
11 Ordinary People
12 A Beautiful Mind

I liked A Beautiful Mind. It was a good movie. It was also a relatively safe, soft, false crowd-pleaser of a movie. I'm of the opinion that The Fellowship of the Ring was an astonishing cinematic and pop culture achievement the likes of which the film industry has rarely seen, and also the (slightly) superior of the three Rings films. It should have won this year.

A Beautiful Mind is a SUPERB, Oscar-winning movie and hands down, Russell Crowe should've won the Oscar for Best Actor that year.

13 The King's Speech

There are a lot of super dumb Best Picture wins, but this has to take the cake. I am willing to say that this was the WORST Best picture nominee in its year, and as proof, just look at the other ones:
127 Hours - Amazing movie, James Franco is stunning.
Black Swan - Story, direction, and acting are lightyears ahead of this
The Fighter - Not a lot better, but the acting is top-notch
Inception - Possibly one of the most original movies ever. Astounding in visuals, acting, and storyline
And so on. I can do this for every movie nominated. The King's Speech sucks

2010 is the only year that I have watched all of the Oscar contenders. Black Swan or The Fighter should have won. The Kids are All Right would have been a great choice too.

The King's Speech was middle of the pack of the nominees. It was still better than Toy Story 3, The Descendants, and The Social Network, though. But I have to admit, I HATED Inception. 127 Hours was cool for what it was, but depended on Franco, so didn't deserve Best Picture.

14 Titanic

A greedy cash in on a tragic story about people who didn't even EXIST. James Cameron, you can do better than this! But still a better love story than Twilight...and 50 shades trilogy

To be fair, most of the nominated that weren't that muck good either

15 Out of Africa

Commonly regarded as one of the most boring, empty films to ever win an Academy Award. I haven't seen it myself, I just know that its reputation has certainly not grown with time.

Boring as almost every Meryl Streep movie.

16 The Apartment
17 Oliver!
18 Birdman or the Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance

Other movies such as 'Whiplash', 'The Imitation Game' and 'The Theory of Everything' were more deserving of the win.

But at least it didn't go to 'American Sniper'.

In my opinion, boyhood was better, and why they don't nominated interstellar?

This was a particular year of bad movies, but this was the worst. Pretentious crap

19 Chariots of Fire

This was a great film. So Raiders might've won. But this was probably the right film to win.

20 The Shape of Water
21 Moonlight

So which film wins the Oscars for 2016?

Not the brilliant musical with outstanding musical numbers, beautiful acting and a great story that also deals with the dark side of the entertainment industry.

Not the heart-wrenching true story of Desmond Doss who was persecuted for his faith in the army yet ended up saving dozens of lives without firing a single gun.

It's the mediocre SJW film about a little boy who is bullied into thinking he's gay because he's more intelligent and less aggressive than other boys and grows up to become a drug dealer with no friends.

La La Land deserved it

La La Land deserved it!

22 Argo

I was astonished by how much I loved Argo. I had virtually no interest whatsoever in watching it but decided to do so on a whim and found it to be one of the best films I'd ever seen. Taut pacing, sharp direction, consistently solid acting, great humor, and almost unbearable suspense. In my opinion Argo was near-perfection, a dream of a film, and nowhere near even the periphery of a conversation of "least deserving best picture winners".

Lost to Lincoln, Les Miserable, Zero Dark Thirty, Silver Linings Playbook, and Django Unchained. enough said.

23 The Greatest Show on Earth
24 Green Book

After finishing the post I made this morning, I have one thing to say. Why couldn't I have been wrong?!

25 The Broadway Melody
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