Best Sandra Bullock Movies

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1 Speed

Hands down her best movie.

2 Gravity
3 The Proposal

This movies was awesome! Was so funny with her in it!

She was absolutely hilarious in this movie...

4 The Net
5 Speed 2: Cruise Control
6 Crash

Not in the top ten. Seriously?

7 The Blind Side

She won an oscar for sympathy vote. Not her best performance.

She won an Oscar for crying out loud.

8 The Heat

This movie is awesome! It is highly entertaining and you have great fun by watching this. This is a film that is also a lovely company!

I had so much fun sawing this movie.

Awesome and funny movie

9 Demolition Man

Awesome film. Better film like Speed. They both are better films than A Time To Kill.

10 Miss Congeniality
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11 A Time to Kill

This film was supposed to be canceled! This movie is not supposed to be made at all ever! This is a terrible movie of all time! This movie is not as good as you all think it is! I will make sure this movie is not real! I will destroy this movie! I will make sure this movie is not thought of! I will make this movie forgettable! I will make sure this movie will not get away with being better than any other movie!

This is one of the movies that can not take care of itself! This film is meant to be in jail! Sandra is like the second main character of the movie! This film is violent and inappropriate, you should not watch this film with your parents!

12 Murder by Numbers
13 28 Days

One of the best and most overlooked performances of her career. This movie gets to me every time I watch it. It feels very real, and all of the preparation and research she did for this role definitely paid off.

14 While You Were Sleeping

I love this movie!

15 Premonition
16 Two Weeks Notice

Awesome and cute movie. I love this film growing up.

17 Hope Floats

This movie was such a major turning point in her career. It should be higher on the list. I feel like this was when Sandra proved to everyone what a genuinely brilliant actress she was. This was when she started taking more control of her projects, and the work she did was brilliant.

This movie still gets to me every time I watch it. So simple but brilliant. Outstanding performance from Bullock. This one is a total classic. I am not usually big on chick-flicks... But this one I love.

My absolute favorite movie of hers.

My favorite, as well. I loved them alland so touching and heartbreaking as well as ultimataely, heart affirming.

18 Miss Congeniality 2: Armed & Fabulous
19 The Lake House
20 The Prince of Egypt
21 Practical Magic

The crying scene when she says "bring him back". Nobody does crying scenes like her, except Sally Field. Amazing acting and fantastic movie. Truly captures the 90s

22 Forces of Nature
23 Wrestling Ernest Hemingway
24 Love Potion No. 9
25 The Thing Called Love
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