Most Blatant Foreign Movie Ripoffs

Yeah, we all hate films that tend to be ripoffs of one another. However, I can certainly guarantee you that plagiarizing in a foreign country could turn out to be even worse. Heck, you may see that the team behind these crap claim it to have been "inspired" by something, but its pretty clear we can see through the lie. Tell us what blatant foreign ripoff is the worst in your eyes.
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1 3 Dev Adam

*Sobs in a dark corner*

No, please! You can't ripoff Captain America that badly. And I'm talking about your favorite First Avenger, I'm talking about that 1990 putrid abomination of a film! You seriously want to knock-off an already terrible film Turkey? Also, this film's iteration of Spider-Man as a sadistic villain, which is the complete opposite of what the source material stood for. Ugh!

What the hell is this? A Turkish rip-off of the Marvel films? It is made with a low budget. And why the hell did you made Spidey a villain? Makes no sense.

2 Dal-bich-goong-gwol

I'll give it that the visuals are decent for a South Korean animated film. However, Lost in the Moonlight is undeniably almost a blatant rip-off of Spirited Away. Trust me, the trailer and images of the scenes and characters in the movie are almost copying off of those seen in Spirited Away. Right down to the promotional poster as well! The movie has a 5.4 on IMDb, and for good reason. This easily has to be the most blatant foreign rip-off of a Japanese anime movie I've ever seen!

The English translation to this is "Moonlight Palace" this Korean film is a plagiarizing of 2002's "Spirited Away". Heck, there's so much that is similar, that you can't stop thinking about "Spirited Away", and not even in a good way at that!

3 Ra One

I had a feeling this movie was going to be a ripoff. My younger brother wanted me to watch this together, but because I was whiny and skeptical about it, he went on to watch it himself. Minutes later, he came back to me, stating I was right all along, going as far as to show me a scene, where the protagonist literally has what appears to be an ARC reactor! Yep, the protagonist is a Tony Stark wannabe. And not just that, it goes on to copy Spider-Man 2's train scene and one of the promotional covers is similar to that of Batman Begins. And to further make things worse, it rips off action scenes from films like The Matrix and Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

Bollywood seriously needs a new team of writers who can actually think of something creative if they want the Superhero genre in India to be unique in its own way. Also, Shah Rukh Khan has done so many better roles than this. Why did he bother taking this one, I'll never know...

4 Ghajini

Yeah, a ripoff of "Memento"? Christopher Nolan ain't impressed at all.

And this is a film starring Aamir Khan, one of the few Bollywood actors I really openly respect. He's done some really good work, especially "3 Idiots" the following year. Then there's this excuse of an action film which looks suspiciously similar to the Nolan film I just mentioned, except (probably because the production team wanted to play it safe) the hero overcomes and kills the villain for a typical ending.

5 Dünyay Kurtaran Adam

Just no, no. Not only is it ripping off Star Wars, it even uses stock footage! Can't you get any more lower? Well, it was decades ago, and I'm pretty sure the Turkish entertainment industry has since matured and gotten better. But it still doesn't excuse this shameless ripoff. I mean, it's called "Turkish Star Wars" for a good reason, and it has even developed a cult following, because of how bad this film is.

6 Chaappa Kurish

Known as "Heads or Tails" in Malayalam, this film actually turns out to be a knockoff of a 2009 Korean film "Handphone", which sadly also doesn't credit the film as being an influence. Apparently, many people enjoyed it, yet when the connection is realized, the result is much less impressive.

7 Murder 2

Ugh. Its "inspired" by a Korean film called The Chaser, yet it doesn't even seem to give credit to it.

8 God Tussi Great Ho

A blatant copy of Bruce Almighty. Oh, what a coincidence, they got Amitabh Bachchan to play what Morgan Freeman did 5 years ago, except the execution was HORRIBLE! Amitabh has done some pretty good roles years earlier and later, and I can say the same for Priyanka Chopra (Not so much in the case of Salman Khan), but seriously, Bruce Almighty was a film that could have only been worked out by Jim Carrey.

9 What's Up? Balloon to the Rescue

It's a Brazilian ripoff of... Well this is too obvious. What else is there to say?

Well, time to start adding all those Brazilian Video Brinquedo mockbusters...

10 Space Thunder Kids

So, this crapfest copies TRON, and then goes on to rip off other assorted anime without ever bothering to credit them. It even uses stock footage of the anime it is meant be based upon. Never have I heard an anime film (Debatable considering its South Korean) be this jaw dropping and terrible

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11 Robot Taekwon V (Voltar the Invincible)
12 Birds of Paradise

Oh great! We have a mockbuster of Rio & Free Birds called this! by the way
Rio: Mario
Free Birds: Sonic
Birds of Paradise: Bubsy

13 Ratatoing

The animation itself tells you how crappy this ripoff movie is.

14 Little Bee

Probably a ripoff of the Bee Movie.

15 Frozen Land
16 Alice in Wonderland: What’s The Matter with Hatter?
17 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys
18 Snow Queen

How many Frozen ripoffs are there?

19 Chapeuzinho Vermelho e Sua Turma

A Brazilian rip-off of Peppa Pig. And the animation is obvious. Man, people these days, why would you rip-off an already bad show?

20 Vanilla Skies

Which by the way is way inferrior to the original Spanish film Abre Los Ojos...typical hollywood, take a great film and barstardize it...and turn it into a pathetic joke.

21 The Little Cars In the Big Race
22 The Little Panda Fighter
23 Gladiformers
24 The Bad Video Game Dude
25 The Frog Prince
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