Best Films Centered Around a Ship, Starship, Airship, Boat or Raft

Here's 10 to get started. Add any films that have a particular ship with a prominent role in the story. If you'd like, add the ships name, and/or why you like the film.
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1 The Caine Mutiny

The Caine. Anything with Bogey is worth a look, and I'd go even further and say its one of his better roles. Bogart himself claimed it was one of his easiest roles, offering up "Come on, everyone knows I'm crazy"... Bogey was nominated for best actor for the role.

First film that came into my mind. Fred MacMurray plays a gutless wonder very well.

2 Run Silent Run Deep

The USS Nerka. Among the many great naval war films, this one takes the cake for me.

3 Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)

Timeless. It's one of those classics that aged like a fine wine. And the fact Marlon Brando plays a role in the film makes it even better.

Let's get this classic to the top.

4 Das Boot
5 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

The HMS Surprise. Stunning visuals throughout. The rise of the British Empire, as its Navy became the world's finest. Bold and brazen Commanders were in no small part a driving force in this ascension.

6 Crimson Tide
7 Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

The Millennium Falcon. Or the Deathstar! Or an X- Wing fighter, or a Y- Wing fighter! Take your pick of many spacecraft in this bad boy! Thanks for adding

One of the greatest movies of all time.

8 The Bounty

This is the third film based on the HMS Bounty, which I personally find to be as good as the 1962 version. Mel Gibson is fantastic in this movie.

9 Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

The titular Black Pearl. From the moment Johnny Depp stepped off the sinking dingy he brought swagger as Jack Sparrow.

Always loved watching this as a kid.

10 Captain Ron

One of my favorite Kurt Russell movies. I watched it multiple times, it's that good.

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11 Kon-Tiki

Kon Tiki, a raft... Based on the true story of adventurer Thor Heyerdahl's 1947 attempt to prove that the South Pacific Islands could have been originally reached and settled by South Americans. Fascinating journey.

12 Alien

The Nostromo. Ridley Scott's landmark space horror film begins the Alien saga. The "Perfect Organism" is unleashed.

13 Mister Roberts
14 Star Trek Into Darkness

The Enterprise. I just like the whole Star Trek saga. Although there have been a couple duds among the theatrical releases, this is not one of those.

15 Titanic

I don't like the movie all that much, but it's definitely worthy of mention, if only because it is based on the real life events of the sinking of the Titanic.

Titanic. Don't really like the movie a great deal, but it is immensely popular, so here it is. Ok, it does have some authentic looking sets and the like.

16 The Hunt for Red October

Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Scott Glenn…
Action, adventure, intrigue on and beneath the high seas.

17 The Hindenburg

The Hindenburg. During the heyday of lighter than air "Airships" the Hindenburg disaster brought the era to a dramatic halt.

18 The Poseidon Adventure
19 Open Water
20 Flyboys
21 The Perfect Storm
22 The African Queen
23 All Is Lost
24 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest
25 Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
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