Top Ten Movie Series that Changed the Most Throughout

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1 Mad Max

First movie: a revenge thriller about a cop who went through terrible things.

Second movie: an action film set in a post-apocalyptic world.

Third movie: essentially a fantasy blockbuster.

Fourth movie: similar to the second movie, but on a much larger scale.

2 #TubeClash

First movie: based on a web series, an animated comedic parody of famous German YouTubers. The premise was that ten famous YouTubers wake up on a lonely island with fantasy creatures and have to fight Hunger Games-style. Towards the end, it gets a bit more dramatic but still remains a comedy.

Second movie: starts off just like the first, then suddenly becomes heavily emotional and intense. The characters develop their own personalities that no longer reflect the YouTubers they are based on. There is an incredibly serious and sad flashback scene that any epic anime series or video game would be proud of.

Third movie: an epic dark fantasy anime with complex characters, a well-thought-out fantasy universe, tragic death scenes, and just a little comic relief. It's intense overall and takes its characters seriously.

This series changed from "Drawn Together" to "Digimon 02."

3 The Evil Dead
4 Harry Potter

Starts off as a light-hearted and exciting fantasy film with lots of entertaining and lightly scary moments. It ends up as a dark fantasy war movie with tragic characters, a dictatorial regime, and countless deaths.

5 James Bond

Starts off as spy thrillers, then gets more humorous and sillier before shifting back to action-packed spy films. It eventually becomes a saga with dark psychological thrillers.

6 Batman (1989-1997)

Starts off a bit macabre and darkly humorous, but becomes sillier, brighter, and more comedic throughout.

7 Der Bockerer

The first movie is a serious film set in Nazi Austria, depicting the life of a naive, good-hearted butcher who doesn't realize how terrible the world around him has become. There are a few tragicomic scenes like in "Life is Beautiful," but it is more serious than comical.

The other three movies were released years later, are set in post-war Austria, and are light-hearted, easily digestible comedies. The first movie is one of my Top 50 favorite films. The second is average, while the third and fourth are garbage. It's a shame all four are by the same director and feature the same leading actor. Why ruin your legacy like this?

8 Scary Movie

The first two movies tried to perfectly copy the atmosphere, tension, and character stereotypes of '90s horror movies while adding gags. Their humor was very dark, dirty, and politically incorrect.

From Scary Movie 3 onward, they no longer cared about atmosphere, instead throwing together scenes from various movies (not necessarily horror movies) and adding gags. The humor became digestible slapstick that didn't exceed PG-13 territory.

9 Lethal Weapon

The first movie was primarily action and took its characters seriously (Mel Gibson's character is suicidal, for instance), only offering a bit of comic relief. The comedy elements increased throughout the series.

10 Alien

We start off with a horror flick, then an action film, and then the franchise bursts into oblivion after two fantastic flicks!

The Contenders
11 Terminator

The first movie was essentially a slasher film, but with more developed character relationships, and was perfectly written and directed.

The second movie was more of a drama set in a science fiction background. Ever notice how much of it is about character relationships and overcoming fear and trust issues?

The others are essentially sci-fi action.

12 A Nightmare on Elm Street
13 Captain America
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