Predicted Worst Movies of 2020

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1 Barbie

I doubt anyone has any sort of hope for this movie at all. I mean seriously it's a movie based on the infamous barbie dolls themselves, how much worse can it get? I am guessing it will be the Playmobil movie or lego movie all over again, but with barbies.

Whose Bright Idea was to make a Barbie movie?

2 Ghostbusters 2020

The reboot was already hated enough. Why should this be any different?

3 Fast and Furious 9

The ninth installment already? Well pretty sure it will be the exact same thing as previous movies.

4 Trolls World Tour

If the trailers that have been released or the full movie features Fortnite dances of any kind (floss, hype, orange justice, etc.) I will go to every store, buy out all the Trolls merchandise and the DVDs and burn it all or create a Trolls themed landfill like what Atari did with their games in the 80s. I would also make a Fortnite landfill to bury all the merchandise, the things it got ruined because of the game and unused V Bucks/Deep Freeze/Darkfire codes.

Wait for it on Netflix because they own Dreamworks.

Personally the original Trolls was ok but it had so many bad things about it like the crappy songs and the characters had no common sense. World Tour in this sense probably means they will sing on a world tour. Please no!

Imagine if they sang songs like Dance Monkey, You Need to Calm Down, Old Town Road, 7 Rings, Bad Guy, Happier and Me but with alternate lyrics. That would ruin all of these songs or make them even worse in some cases.

5 Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

If this gets the sequel, why can't The Emoji Movie get one. Oh, wait! This means the characters will do at least one Fortnite dance or make a reference in any other way like gameplay footage, a character saying the word, appearances and more. If they make Peter do the Fortnite dances, I will snap my disc in half. The T.V. show looks better.

It's a sequel to an already hated movie. Need to say more?

6 Sonic the Hedgehog

It was originally going to be released in 2019 but it got delayed by one year. Still, just look at Sonic. He looks nightmarish!

If Sonic does Fortnite dances, I will delete my copy of the original Sonic game on mobile while he does the dance.

What's wrong with the movie? I loved it.

7 Minions: The Rise of Gru

I am actually a bit anticipated for this movie considering I'm a big fan of the Despicable Me franchise. But then again, most people aren't looking forwad to it

Waiting for this on dvd.

8 Sing 2

I will try to watch this for free somehow.

9 Mulan

One of the worst

10 Cuties

How is this not number 1?

The Contenders
11 Bob's Burgers: The Movie
12 Tom & Jerry

Live-action and CGI. Most movies combining the two end up terrible. I doubt this will be any different.

I would wait for it on digital.

13 Birds of Prey
14 Dolittle
15 The Empty Man
16 Go!

Get to it you ?! Chop Chop!

17 Barbie: Spy Squad
18 Artemis Fowl