Top Ten Most Anticipated Things in The Rise of Skywalker

Things we’re most anticipating in the last Skywalker saga movie. New trailer dropped so I think it’s an appropriate time to make this list. Also this isn’t a best predictions list, it’s stuff already confirmed of happening or stuff with a very high chance of happening.
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1 Palpatine’s return

This is something we hope is an epic moment and was teased in all three trailers we've gotten for the film. In the first trailer, we got his laugh at the end which created lots of hype and fan theories. The second, we got his voiceover. And the third and final, we got his voiceover and even a glimpse of him, even though we didn't see his face. We haven't seen Palpatine on screen since 2005 and we all thought he died in Return of the Jedi, which came out so long ago. Having the biggest and most evil villain of Star Wars and one of the most evil in cinematic history return is something you can't not anticipate.

2 Anakin’s return

We aren't 100% sure of this happening yet but the title says it and there's been dozens of fan speculation. Also Anakin is still technically the chosen one, not Rey, not Luke, but Anakin. If Palpatine is back and who is a Sith and Anakin is the one to destroy the Sith, his return is inevitable. Seeing Anakin return would be amazing and develop an amazing scene, that would probably go down as one of the best of the entire year, or decade.

Either we see Hayden Christensen back or it turns out that Rey is Anakin's or the chosen one's reincarnation or something.

3 The final battle

The final battle in the saga. I hope they take a lot of risks that play great just like how Endgame took. Maybe they might do something similar like bringing every Jedi out of the force realm into reality for a little bit to defeat the Sith once and for all. Maybe it will be an epic space battle, combining every hero in the galaxy, who knows? The directors and hopefully a satisfied version of us in the future.

4 The final scene

Think about it, the final moment in a 9-film saga (not including the anthology movies which will probably still be made in the future) that was started in 1977, over 40 years ago is something everyone is anticipating. The creators and staff of the film have even told us that the final scene, or shot, will be stunning and very memorable, giving us more hype.

5 Answering all previous questions

JJ Abrams has said himself that this film will not only conclude the sequel trilogy but also the entire saga, including the prequels and originals. Hopefully the movie answers all previous questions and fixes any plot holes previously formed.

6 Evil Rey

We aren't sure if Rey is evil or not yet since that was just one second in the D23 Rise of Skywalker trailer, but it's something we hope we get a good answer to in the film. I'm curious on how they play this out, if she actually does become evil for a little bit due to Kylo and Palpatine's manipulations, if she's possessed, or if it's just a vision. Something I'm personally and most likely you all are looking forward to in the film.

There was a theory that Rey might be a clone, so maybe this evil Rey we saw in the trailer was an evil clone? Or maybe it's going to a a scene similar to Luke Skywalker going into the caves on Dagoba. Either, this will probably be good.

7 Kylo Ren’s fate

Kylo Ren is a complex character. In episode VII, he's full out evil and destructive. In episode VIII, he is skeptical about what side he should really be on, resisting to kill people of the good side like Rey and his mother. I'm interested to see how his character ends in the saga, maybe he dies evil or becomes good and lives on.

8 The last lightsaber battle

I was deciding whether to include the last space battle but that kind of goes with the final battle more. Also you can get a space battle in any film, a lightsaber battle in only Star Wars. Lightsabers are one of the main symbols in Star Wars, one of the things that make it iconic. We've got some amazing lightsaber battles in the Saga like Anakin vs. Obi Wan and Vader vs. Luke twice. The last lightsaber battle is something we hope we can call the best and most memorable one.

It better be good. The sequel trilogy doesn't have any amazing lightsaber battles as good as the ones in the prequels or the originals.

9 The last space battle
10 Lando’s return

Almost forgot about this but yeah. You probably knew this already, but if you didn't, Lando is returning after all these years. We saw this in two of the trailers where he's flying the falcon with Chewie as his co-pilot. The last we saw of him was back in 1983, I'm interested to see how he returns to the screen and how he meets the rest of the characters as a friend of Solo and reunites with Leia.

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11 Han Solo’s possible revival
12 C3PO’s fate

In the last trailer, he says a line where he says he's giving one last look to his friends which I'm curious about what he means. Hopefully it doesn't it mean he's gonna be turned off forever or destroyed. We got a bit of a tease of this in the D23 trailer where he had red eyes. I'm interested to see what this is all about and what's gonna happen to him.

13 Leia's death
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