Top Ten Movies of 1983

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1 Star Wars Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

A Great end for a revolutionary trilogy

I love this movie

It really good

2 Scarface

This film was a masterpiece but the video game Vice City sucked.

How isn't this #1???
One of the best of all-time

Say hello to my little friend

3 The Outsiders

One of the best books of all time

4 Octopussy
5 Never Say Never Again
6 A Christmas Story

My favorite Christmas movie

7 Risky Business
8 WarGames

I wish my laptop was like Joshua

9 Sudden Impact
10 Videodrome
The Contenders
11 Monty Python's the Meaning of Life
12 The Right Stuff
13 The King of Comedy
14 Terms of Endearment
15 The Dead Zone

this amazing movie should be at least in top 5. Unique story line, great acting. I love this film so much. Very underrated

16 Trading Places
17 National Lampoon's Vacation
18 The Man with Two Brains
19 Superman III

Superman Vs. Superman, well we all fight sometimes with the shadow off our own

20 Deal of the Century
21 The Hunger
22 Exposed
23 Flashdance
24 Local Hero
25 Bad Boys
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