Top 10 Most Violent or Gory PG-13 Rated Movies

I am not saying all of these movies should be re-rated R. Ratings are all about context. Some of these movies have comical violence, some have fantasy violence and some are animated. But some are simply gruesome for that gruesome.

To qualify for this list, the context is irrelevant. This is simply about violence and gore.
The Top Ten
1 Drag Me to Hell

Should be rated R. This comic horror movie has a scene in which a witch's head is crushed, and brain matter and eyes spurt onto a character. Also, an eyeball is squished quite graphically.

2 The Grudge

A severed jaw is seen. Later, we graphically see where it belonged.

3 Sucker Punch

While the fantasy violence is average PG-13, the storyline set in the brothel contains sexual violence. This may not be explicit but is nevertheless psychologically violent.

4 Taken

There is a graphic and long torture scene.

5 Princess Mononoke

Contains some battle scenes with severed limbs. The PG-13 rating is okay nevertheless because it is an anime movie as well as a fantasy movie. It should be easy to handle for viewers 12 and up.

6 The Starving Games

Characters get cut in half, limbs are severed, heads are impaled. Since it is all comical and looks cheap, the PG-13 rating is okay.

7 The Uninvited

Contains gruesome images showing the gory results of murders.

8 Vampires Suck

Like The Starving Games, this comedy movie contains scenes where characters get their limbs ripped off, heads knocked off, and bones sticking out of the skin. But again, this is all comic and fake-looking.

9 The Dark Knight

It is one of the greatest movies of all time but pushes the boundaries of PG-13.

10 The Lost World: Jurassic Park
The Contenders
11 Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

When Vader turned to the dark side, he and Obi-Wan were fighting because Obi-Wan was trying to love him, but he hated him back. When he fell into the lava, he burned. It was the most graphic burning ever.

He was in unimaginable pain, both physical and mental. I can't see how this didn't get on the list before.

12 Beowulf

Grendel stabs his victims, breaks necks, tears off heads and eats them. He rips people in half, throws guys into fires, and crushes heads. This description should be enough to tell you what kind of movie this is.

13 War of the Worlds
14 Alien vs Predator
15 The Mummy
16 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
17 The Wolverine
18 Tales From Earthsea

Like Princess Mononoke, this has a fair amount of anime fantasy violence including severed limbs in battle sequences. Again, I think the PG-13 is okay in this context.

19 Scary Movie 3
20 Angels & Demons
21 Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Tons of deaths in this movie, including the killing of father Han Solo.

22 Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

This, in my books, is way lower than it should be. Jumpscares when you least expect them and cranks would startle anyone.

Zombie-like Cranks are scary, and sometimes slightly gory shootings occur, along with a suicide.

23 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
24 Hanna

The violence is realistic and bloody. The only reason this couldn't have been on here earlier is due to how obscure it is.

25 Avengers: Infinity War
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