Top 10 Saddest Superhero Movies

Spoiler alert for all the tear breaking superhero movies.
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1 Logan

This movie made me really depressed, especially during the ending. There were so many of my favorite characters (who I was so use to watching in movies) who passes away. This movie is PERFECT for the conclusion to Hugh Jackman's Wolverine.

I still haven't seen the movie, but my mom watched it without me while I was at dance. For some reason she thought she had to walk me through the whole thing because I wasn't there. Spoilers made me cry. Wow.

This is one of the saddest deaths I have ever scene. This entire movie was an emotional story and it had sad but perfect ending. It was actually enough to make me cry.

2 Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Yondu's death was stupid. He beats the deal out of Peter in the first movie, and then Peter says that Hindu was like the father he never had. What?

I have not watched this movie once when the ending didn't make me teary eyed. And I've watched it about 40 times.

Not only did Ego kill his mom but he betrayed Peter and smashed his Walkman. And also "He may be your father but he ain't your daddy" Yondus death was very emotional

3 Big Hero 6
4 Avengers: Endgame

Um. Why isn't this top 3. When iron man died the world cried, even legends. And black widow's death was very sad too. And the sad thing is they gave their life for countless lives, especially in the universe.

This should easily climb to the top! Seeing Iron man give his life for the world. And then seeing his pre recorded message he made before his death. Also seeing Black Widow give her life for the Soul stone. And finally seeing Captain America finallt get to live the life he wanted with his love Peggy Carter! Couldn't be sadder than that!

5 Avengers: Infinity War

Spider-Man is one of the only superhero's I actually like, and watching him plead for his life and apologize to Tony was just heartbreaking. He was a good kid.

"And if you died? I feel like that's on me." - Tony Stark from Spiderman: Homecoming. And then when peter faded away.

The greatest of all plot twists (also, one of the most shocking and saddest).

6 The Dark Knight Rises

The ending made me cry and happy at once when I heard by the engineers that the plane has autopilot.

The ending to the greatest trilogy of all time!

7 Guardians of the Galaxy
8 X-Men: Days of Future Past

Just seeing mutant friends die one by one was emotional.

9 Captain America: Civil War

Tony fighting with Steve, who's trying to save Bucky, who killed Tony's parents; whom he didn't even get to say a proper good-bye to!

Seeing each Hero fight each other and betraying each other really gives you the feels.

10 The Dark Knight

The true hero of Gotham city, goes into hiding, so that the city streets get freed of crime; that too, based on a lie.

The death of Rachel was pretty emotional as that was one of Bruce Wayne's only friends.

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11 Watchmen

WHat are you talking about?! Rorschach's death is still tragic and will always be!

I'm not trapped in here with you! You're trapped in here with me!

Why'd did rorschach have to die! (spoilers alert)

12 The Incredibles

This is an example of a superhero movie story done right. The writing for this and the second Incredibles movie was perfect for every type of superhero fan.

13 The Avengers: Age of Ultron

I was looking through the list and about to vote logan and then I saw this. Quicksilvers death was super sad, and the moment he died it made scarlet witch go crazy. "I didn't see that coming"

14 The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Why must every Spiderman film end with an important or loved character dying?

15 Wonder Woman

This movie made me cry. Steve's last words to Diana were so emotional. "I just wish we had a little more time. I love you." It's even sadder that she's pretty much immortal so there's no seeing him in the afterlife either. (I know they have the afterlife in the Arrowverse but do they have an afterlife in this universe?)

Emptiest feeling ever when they were celebrating the end of the war without Steve.

A sad and dark superhero movie but great overall.

16 Hulk (2003)
17 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

It was very sad when Superman Died while fighting with Doomsday

18 The Emoji Movie
19 Deadpool 2

I don't want to give any spoilers but I can't listen to Take on Me the same way anymore. Kiss me like ya miss me, Red

"The Merc with the Mouth" doesn't not look good in depression.

20 V for Vendetta
21 Captain America: The Winter Soldier

This is a dark, gritty, emotional story! Deserves the top ten!

22 Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

"Miles...the hardest thing about this job can't always save everyone." A quote like that is one of the many depressing lines in this gosh-darn fantastic movie.

23 Spider-Man 3
24 Spider Man: No Way Home
25 Batman Returns
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