Top Ten Music Artists Who Should Do a Song Together

The Top Ten

1 Oasis & Guns N' Roses

That would be an incredible combo. Make it happen!

2 Pink Floyd & Moby

What if Moby were to remix "Echoes"? That's what I wanna hear! Or would it be sacrilege?

Don't know what Moby is but anything with Pink Floyd is great.

David Gilmour's vocals layered on top of Moby's lighthearted ambiebt beats should sound cool. The band can offer some blue samples to him as well. - RonaldHo

It would be good, but having Mariah and Karmin would be cool. Or Beoncè

3 Massive Attack & New Order

That would be brilliant! Massive Attack & New Order would be like peas in a pod! But Pink Floyd & Moby is rightfully number one. - PositronWildhawk

4 Moby & Sisters of Mercy

It was going to happen with the Moby song "Lift Me Up", but didn't. The two should at least collaborate at some point.

5 Prince & The Stone Roses
6 Barenaked Ladies & Fatboy Slim
7 New Order & Bon Jovi
8 ZZ Top & Fleetwood Mac
9 The KLF & R.E.M.
10 Slipknot & Lamb of God

The Contenders

11 Weird Al & Eminem
12 Jake Bugg & The Zutons
13 Skrillex & Mozart

There was actually a video where Mozart turned electro and a cage with no bars came down just on the verge of the wig and in the cage was a electric cello and piano. Where the fake/imposter Mozart was a grand piano and an acoustic cello. It was really cool.


Piano And Bass drop = Dance beyond measure

14 Flume & Pearl Jam

Flume's beats and pearl jam's great music

15 Deep Forest & Enya
16 Rush & Dream Theater
17 George Michael & Primal Scream
18 Sisters of Mercy & Guns N' Roses
19 Red & Skillet
20 Owl City & Family Force 5
21 Kendrick Lamar & Lil Wayne

Bad idea. Really bad idea.

22 David Bowie & Chemical Brothers
23 Fleetwood Mac & Pink Floyd
24 Moby & Gary Numan
25 Asking Alexandria & Green Day

The punk and heavy metal will collide, if they did a song together it would have to be a good long one, showing off all music ability. If GD and AA did a song together, it would not only be the best, but it would complete my life

26 The Rolling Stones & the Beatles
27 Linkin Park & Limp Bizkit
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