Cjwriter1997's Favorite Song Lyrics of All-Time

This is my list #300. Wow...

So to celebrate this "special occasion" I decided to make a list that can tell you more about myself. I have listed some of my favorite lyrics, all from different songs and bands. I live by most of these lyrics. Some are inspirational outlooks on life, others are a more realistic look at how cruel life can be
The Top Ten
1 One promise you made One promise that always remains No matter the price Promise to survive Persevere and thrive As we've always done - The Promise (Chris Cornell)

I feel like this line speaks to me the most. The chorus to this song is just beautiful. Chris Cornell speaks about the terror and cruelty we face through times of war and how we will persevere onward and survive it all, because humans are born to thrive. It can also be applied on a much more personal level however. This speaks from Chris' perspective on how he struggled with depression and survived until he could no longer. He tells us that we can fight through the dark times, and that we should keep persevering through it all. In a meta sense, he is telling us don't break your promise to survive like he did. If you look at it like that then it's honestly very sad but yet it's also motivating. This is why this line means so much to me, it tells me that dark times are okay, and that I can survive it. I won't break my promise and you shouldn't either.

2 We'll ride the spiral to the end And may just go where no one's been Spiral out, keep going! - Lateralus (Tool)

A line that discusses the endless possibilty of growing as a human. We do not have to be the same ol, same ol'. We have the power, the drive, to truly make an impact and set a stand for ourselves. We want to stand out, we want to be someone. We continue to grow out in this spiral of ideologies and beliefs and we never stop growing. If we do we will be stuck in the same ol', same ol'. And when we reach the end we will have finally made our impact, our stance.

3 Life for you, has been less than kind So take a number, stand in line We've all been sorry, we've all been hurt But how we survive, is what makes us who we are - Survive (Rise Against)

This was one that stuck out to me since I was kid. It's message simply states that everyone goes through suffering and pain, and it's how we survive that suffering, that pain, and how we learn from the experience, that shapes us as a person and makes us who we are. We learn from the past and we better ourselves from it.

4 Empires have fallen Nations have been born The heroes of our childhood Dead, forgotten, or gone But we still stand - The Passing Light of Day (Pain of Salvation)

As we grow we often forget about the people and things that made us who we are. We move on being influenced and inspired by new people and things which lead us to forget where we came from. Without them, some of us wouldn't be standing where we are now. So remember where you came from and appreciate those who have helped you.

5 So, picking up the pieces, now where to begin? The hardest part of ending is starting again - Waiting For the End (Linkin Park)

This always stuck to me as one of the band's best lines. It's often a question we have when tragedy hits and we are stuck just not knowing what to do. It's a simple but effective line that reflects the state of many people's own tragic experiences, including Mike Shinoda himself. R.I.P. Chester

6 If I could start again A million miles away I will keep myself I would find a way - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails)

I see this as a man going through the regrets that he has at such a low point in his life. He thinks about if he had a chance to start over he would find a way to not make the same mistakes. In the album it's on, it's essentially where the main protagonists gives his one last cry for help before ending his life. Depressing indeed, but Reznor sings about in a way that is much more personal. It relates in a way that only one who has been through such regret can truly understand.

7 When I was 27, I grew accustomed to more fear Accumulated 10 times over throughout the years My newfound life made all of me magnified How many accolades do I need to block denial? - FEAR. (Kendrick Lamar)

The entirety of FEAR. could be an entry. On a personal level, this song discusses Kendrick's worries from the times he was in the hood, to now where he has all the fame. This line pretty much says that because he has exploded into fame, this has only magnified his own fear. The way I interpret it is that fame and money can't take away the inner struggles we face as a person, in fact it probably makes it worse to manage.

8 This is my way of saying goodbye Because I can't do it face to face I'm talking to you after it's too late No matter what happens now You shouldn't be afraid Because I know today has been the most perfect day I've ever seen - Videotape (Radiohead)

Some think it discusses suicide, I believe this line is specifically the moment when you take everything of your past and leave it, move on and restart yourself. You leave everything, having it only to remembered as a time in your history, like watching it on an old videotape as you start with a perfect slate. It's a very somber song that ends one of my favorite albums.

9 I say That progress is a synonym of time We are all aware of it but it's nothing we refine - Progress (Bad Religion)

I always loved Bad Religion's thought-provoking lyrics. This is from one of my favorite Bad Religion songs and this line in particular always stuck out to me. It makes me think how I often just do things to move forward without really knowing if it is really progressing anything. We just assume that we progress as the days goes on, but we never seem to fully encapsulate such concept. It's a bit existential but also thought-provoking and meaningful.

10 I never sleep, ‘cause sleep is the cousin of death Beyond the walls of intelligence, life is defined - N.Y. State of Mind (Nas)

This line is just so badass while also being pretty thought-provoking as well. It's a very iconic line in the rap game, and one of Nas' best. To me, this line just states that life is scary and unpredictable, but we can't sleep now because we have no choice to live it.