Top Ten Food Based Puns of Beatles Songs

Credits to some of these puns go to forum. Please note that these aren't all from Beatles Bible, I made up a few. Enjoy!
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1 The Salad of John and Yoko (The Ballad of John and Yoko)

A mix of Illuminati shaped sushi and a burger that thinks he is the most tasty, juiciest burger in the world.

Quite an assortment of unique ingredients there

John Lennon would have liked this one

If John Lennon went vegetarian...

2 Jalapeño Peppers Lovely Farts Club Band (Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band)

That's amazing love that one

*claps in approval*

3 Can't Buy Me Lunch (Can't Buy Me Love)

All the world will starve

4 Hey Candy (Hey Bulldog)
5 Magical Fishtory Tour (Magical Mystery Tour)
6 A Day In the Kitchen (A Day In the Life)

Everyday of your life...

7 Peas Please Me (Please Please Me)

Peas please me oh yeah, Why do you make me blue..

8 Bake and Shout (Twist and Shout)
9 Baking a Bowl (Fixing a Hole)

I have a feeling the Beatles baked quite a few bowls back in the '60s.

10 Happiness Is a Warm Bun (Happiness Is a Warm Gun)
The Contenders
11 Love Peas Do (Love Me Do)
12 Raviolition 9 (Revolution 9)
13 Tomato Never Knows (Tomorrow Never Knows)
14 Oysterday (Yesterday)
15 I Eat You (I Need You)

May or may not involve cannibalism...

16 Baby You’re a Rich Flan (Baby You’re a Rich Man)
17 Bakerys (Boys)
18 Meatloaf My Dear (Martha My Dear)
19 Jello, Goodbye (Hello, Goodbye)
20 All You Need is Food (All You Need is Love)
21 Curry That Weight (Carry That Weight)
22 Jello Submarine (Yellow Submarine)
23 Pizza Man (Taxman)
24 Blue Cheese Way (Blue Jay Way)
25 Julia Jello (Julia)
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