Top 10 God of War Ragnarök Soundtrack Songs

God of War Ragnarök was released in 2022 by Santa Monica Studios as the sequel to the God of War reboot of 2018 and just like it's predecessor, it has an amazing soundtrack to accompany the characters on their incredible adventures across all the realms of Norse mythology. The composer of the game's soundtrack is Bear McCreary, accompanied by Eivør on vocals.
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1 God of War Ragnarök
2 The Hammer of Thor

The Hammer of Thor is the track that plays during the epic battle between Thor and Kratos. I couldn't imagine better music to accompany the sound of their weapons clashing!

3 The Hidden Beast

The Hidden Beast is the track that plays during the battle against the dragon Nidhogg, the protector of the world tree.

4 The All-Father

As the name suggests, this track is used when the all-father Odin is on screen.

5 Giantess of Ironwood

This title of this track is referring to Faye, Kratos' wife and mother of Atreus. One of the most beautiful in the game by far.

6 Asgard

The track "Asgard" is used once you enter Asgard for the first time in the game.

7 Return to Helheim

At some point in the game, Kratos has to go back to Helheim and this track is used during this part.

8 Letting Go

The very last soundtrack in the album and the last used in the game, a fitting track might I add.

9 Ragnarök

The track "Ragnarök" during the finale of the game, it has similar instrumental elements to the title track obviously, but it still manages to differentiate itself quite well.

10 Grýla
The Contenders
11 The Hand of Odin
12 Blood Upon the Snow
13 Svartalfheim
14 Raeb's Lament
15 Pull of the Light
16 Remembering Faye
17 Huldra Brothers
18 Holding On
19 Whispered Souls
20 Midgard
21 The Mermaid
22 The Mask
23 A Son's Path
24 Vanaheim
25 To Forgive or to Kill
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