Top Ten Most Satanic Ghost Songs

Ghost (formerly known as Ghost B.C.) is a Swedish Heavy Metal band formed in 2008. They consist of 6 members, with all their identities being secret. Ghost bears an extreme satanic image and lyrics. The 5 instrumentalists all wear masks and robes, and are known as Nameless Ghouls. The vocalist is called Papa Emeritus, and is dressed as a demonic anti-pope, with a mask. In 7 years, Ghost have released 3 studio albums and an EP. Let's vote for the most satanic songs by Ghost.
The Top Ten
1 Year Zero

"Since dawn of time the fate of man is that of lice
Equal as parasites and moving without eyes
A day of reckoning when penance is to burn
Count down together now and say the words that you will learn
Hail Satan, Archangelo
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero
Hail Satan, Archangelo
Hail Satan, Welcome year zero
Belial, Behemoth, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, Satanas, Lucifer"

This song is pretty bad ass

2 Satan Prayer

"Believe in one god do we
Satan almighty
The uncreator of heaven and soil
And the invisible and the visible
And in his son
Begotten of father
By whom all things will be unmade"

3 Con Clavi Con Dio

We Are Here
For Your Praise
Evil One"

We Are One
Out Of Three

4 Monstrance Clock
5 Death Knell
6 Depth of Satan's Eyes

"Into the eyes of fire
Into the gaze ablaze
Into the burning light
Of Satan's rays
Into the source of wisdom
Beyond the Bible lies
Into the endless depth
Of Satan's eyes"

7 Stand by Him

"The Devil's Power Is The Greatest One
When His' And Hers' Holiest Shuns The Sun, A Temptress Smitten By The Blackest Force, A Vicar Bitten Blind In Intercourse"

8 Per Aspera Ad Inferi

Is the lust in your eyes
Would not suffice
Are your wishes and dreams
Tanning in Lucifer's beams"

"Oh Satan
Devour us all
Hear our desperate call"

This is the song of my people.

9 He Is

This song like some christian rock song, but reading the lyrics reveals that it's actually a deeply satanic song, worshipping satan on a whole new level.

Isn't this song about God? I don't know, I'm a noob but that's what I heard

10 Elizabeth

Talking about the infamous serial killer, Elizabeth Bathory.

"Her pact with Satan, her disposal of mankind, her acts of cruelty and her lust for blood makes her one of us"

"Elizabeth in the chasm where was my soul. Forever young, Elizabeth Bathory in the castle of your death, you're still alive, Elizabeth."

The Contenders
11 Cirice
12 From the Pinnacle to the Pit

"You were cast out for the Heavens to the ground
Blackened feathers falling down
You wear your independence like a crown"

This song is about Lucifer's exile from Heaven and becoming Satan.

The chorus is absolutely fantastic and powerful.

13 Body And Blood

"This grave hill stinks of death
A reek from the ground
Catches whiff of the hound
A dead ones breath"

14 Ritual

"Our father who art in hell, unhallowed be thy name. Cursed be the sons and daughters, of thine nemesis who are to blame. The kingdom come nemA" Completely mimics and mocks the lord's prayer!

For some reason my chapel smells like dead human sacrifices

15 Deus In Absentia

"The world is on fire
And you are here to stay, and burn with me
A funeral pyre
And we are here to revel forever more'

The name literally means " God is absent"

16 Square Hammer

Awesome song

17 Prime Mover
18 Secular Haze

Very ominous and beautiful

19 Jigolo Har Megiddo
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