Best Song On Alice In Chains Self Titled Album

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1 Grind

Not only the best on the album, but one of the best live performances that Alice in Chains delivers. A truly badass song in every aspect.

Awesome song! Layne stayley is the man

In the darkest hole
You’d be well advised
Not to plan my funeral
Before the body dies

2 Again

Hey, I'll bet it really eats you up

3 Heaven Beside You

I remember when this song dominated the MTV music video line-up.

Those were the days.

4 Over Now

It's hard to pick a favorite on this album, but I think I might put this one at #1

5 Frogs

Deppressing but good this has a sad album cover poor dog

Layne Stayley can really hit those "oos."

6 Sludge Factory

"Your Weapon is Guilt"

7 Head Creeps

Should be in the top 5. What a crime.

8 Shame in You
9 God Am

My favourite song on the album

Definitely in top 10 or 5 I think

10 Brush Away

Best AIC song period

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11 Nothin' Song
12 So Close
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