Best Songs On Alice In Chains Black Gives Way to Blue

The Top Ten
1 Private Hell

Your decision is to basic.

2 Check My Brain

I saw them live in August at the Uproar festival. When this song played I sang every word as loud as I could while moshing like it was Warped Tour '95

Best song on the album by far

Just plain awesome!

3 A Looking in View

First song I heard from AIC on VH1 2009. After that I discovered Layne Staley...

It's so underrated by them. Love it!

Great riffs, awesome song

4 Your Decision
5 Lesson Learned

The hardest rocker on the album.

6 Acid Bubble
7 Black Gives Way to Blue
8 Last of My Kind

Best one here

9 All Secrets Known

Pure Alice in Chains. Dark melancholy, beautiful.

10 When the Sun Rose Again

A beautiful song.

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11 Take Her Out
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