Best Songs On Alice In Chains' Facelift

The Top Ten
1 Man In the Box

The REAL best grunge song Makes Smells Like Teen Spirit look like crap

My ranking:
1.Man In The Box
2.We Die Young
3.Sea of Sorrow
4.Blead The Fream
5.Love, Hate, Love
6.It Ain't Like That
8.I Can't Remember
10.Put Your Down
11.I Know Somethin (Bout You)
12.Real Thing

2 We Die Young

Bad ass

3 Bleed the Freak
4 It Ain't Like That

One of, if not their best song in my opinion. The guitar riffs are flat out insane, combined with Layne's voice and his "yeah's", I could (and have) just put it on repeat for hours.

5 Sea of Sorrow

Lanes vocal range on this is able to reach inside the listener. Pure emotional impact. Like an oil painting, painted so thick you want to touch the canvas as if the scene were 3d. Lanes's voice had that ability. You felt his voice and for him to have that god given asset - god only can know how deep his pit of inspiration was.

6 Love, Hate, Love

This is easily the best song on the album, pure AIC. I had the great pleasure of seeing them live when they were the opening band to the Clash of the Titans Tour in 1991. They were unknown at the time, (at least on the east coast) and we're getting booed off the stage. The only thing I remember from their performance was this song. And I'm not the only one who thinks this song should be number one. Jerry Cantrell has said this is the "Masterpiece of the album, Staley's vocals amazing, best solo I've ever written." So there you go, can you really argue with that?

Surely better Than Man in the Box

I walk a crumbling bridge of memories and emotion to this song, with a dark moon and black clouds floating above. She is on the other side but I am afraid to meet her, because I know the feeling that rests between the caress of love, and that is hate.
This is a very underrated and under appreciated musical piece.
R.I.P. Layne, you take me away.

7 I Can't Remember
8 Sunshine

It's actually a pretty dark song. Very under appreciated.

Why does everybody think man in a box is the best its nonthing compared to this love hate love put you down sea of sorrow and others I still like it but to be honest its one of my least favorite from this album

9 Confusion
10 Put You Down

Deserves better than #8.

The Contenders
11 Real Thing
12 I Know Somethin (Bout You)

In you face, in my space, I tell you, I know somethin' bout you, I know somethin'...

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