Best UMI Songs

UMI is an Alternative R&B and Neo Soul artist from Seattle. She's gained a lot of popularity through SoundCloud and YouTube with songs like Remember Me, Butterfly, Love Affair, etc.

UMI may not be too fit for my taste since I listen to a lot of experimental and artsy rock, hip-hop, jazz, etc. but whenever I feel like listening to something more simple and chill, I tend to listen to her. I explored her music days before she released her debut album and when it came out I listened to it 2 times the day it did. After all of that, I've decided to make a list for you all to vote on of her best songs, so here it is.
The Top Ten
1 Midnight Blues
2 Butterfly
3 Remember Me
4 Lost and Found

when I listened to her debut album the day it came out this year, this track really felt special. It definitely has the best songwriting out of all the tracks on the album, and yet again, really charming

5 Sorry
6 Whatever U Like
7 Love Affair
8 Say Im Ur Love
9 Synergy
10 Friendzone
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