Musical Genres that Inspired Other Genres

Music of today hasn't been created in a day. It took a lot of time to create modern genres. If you check the history then it'd take you back to at least 5000 or 7000 years ago. One genre was created by other genre. From inspiration. So this is a list of those genres which inspired other genres.

1. Every item of this list contains only two genres. The left genre inspired the right genres.
2. I've excluded genres like prog metal, prog rock or alternative metal and alternative rock. Cause everybody knows these are just sub-genres.
3. I haven't added metal cause it has lots of debates about it.

I have tried my best to make this list. Hope you'll like it.

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1 Blues, Rock

The mix of Blues, Rhythm and Blues with Country, Hillbilly Boogie, Western Swing in the fifties ( as a matter of fact, Black music mixed with White music ) gave us Rockabilly which became Rock and Roll. From there on Rock and Roll made its evolution ( sixties, seventies, eighties etc... ) and give us " subgenres " but they are all part of the Rock family. Even if a great deal of what is called Rock ( like one of the comments says ) doesn't sound " Bluesy " anymore it has still indirectly its roots in the Black / White mix because without the beginning of that mix we would never had Rock and therefor an evolution of Rock sounds. So, yes, zxm, your comment(s) are true facts.

Yes, I think everybody knows it. That rock music was created from blues music. Especially if you check some rock n roll songs (50s rock), then you'll know everything in rock n roll and blues were almost same. The instruments, playing style. Rock was just more aggressive and heavily distorted music. - zxm

Actually, blues inspired rock 'n' roll, which is not synonymous with rock. A great deal of that which is called "rock" has little or no connection to blues.

@anonymous visitor, I know what's the difference between "rock n roll" and "rock". but can't agree that "rock n roll" and rock have no connections. those which are songs of 50s, are usually called "rock n roll". example Chuck berry, Elvis Presley. which was replaced by bands like Beatles in 60s. Some instruments were switched, like bass guitar was used instead of double bass.

"rock n roll" is also a part of rock music. like "heavy metal" is a part of metal music.

but I admit my mistake, I should've added rock n roll instead of rock. though I thought my comment would clarify it. - zxm

2 Punk Rock, Thrash Metal

Yes, thrash metal is a mix of speed/power metal + hardcore punk, in different proportions, hence different sound of the thrash bands. James Hetfield used to call Metallica songs 'power metal' when the term thrash didn't exist. Speed was already available in metal but from punk came more aggression and raw/rough vocals. Metal vocals before thrash were clean, melodic and pretty operatic (Halford, Dio, Dickinson, Gillan). - Metal_Treasure

I've already explained it what's the difference between punk rock and thrash metal. But still, punk rock inspired thrash metal. You'll see some similarities. Both of them are aggressive and loud. But more importantly both of them are fast paced. It was just different style, different technique. But both thrash metal and punk rock have fast paced guitar riffs. (Like I've always said, Metallica was inspired by Ramones). - zxm

@Metal_Treasure, yes you are right, thrash metal riffs are based on metal riffs but punk rock riffs are based on garage rock. Both are different but also same. And in the post I explained it. It's the strumming style. Thrash metal riffs are based on fewer strings strumming, and punk rock is based on almost all strings strumming. In fact most metal riffs are based on two or three strings strumming. For example- you can see the strumming of Deep Purple's Highway Star (main riff). Here's a video "Rocksmith 2014 - DLC - Guitar - Deep Purple "Highway Star" ( you can find it on YouTube). The guy there only played opening E string (low E) and A string. - zxm

Metallica didn't get into the Ramones until cliff joined and let them into misfits

3 Thrash Metal, Groove Metal

Bands like Pantera and Exhorder created Groove Metal with using unique groovy Thrash Metal riffs - christangrant

4 Punk Rock, Grunge

Grunge was influenced by Alternative and Punk. - DarkBoi-X

In an intreview with grunge musicians, many of them admitted punk influence and punk attitude. One of them even said that grunge may be considered a subgenre of punk, or something like that. To me, punk influence is most obvious in Nirvana. - Metal_Treasure

On low, cause grunge is a sub-genre of alt rock. But punk rock was directly inspirational towards grunge. - zxm

Yes, grunge maybe be considered as a sub-genre of alt rock. but structure wise its more likely punk rock. - zxm

5 Garage Rock, Hard Rock

Hard rock is heavier and slowly played ( basic riffs). For example, the kinks. - zxm

Including other genres as well. - zxm

6 Classical, Neoclassical Metal

It takes back to Ritchie Blackmore. While most metal musicians at that time were inspired by other genres, but Blackmore at that time was inspired by classical music. Especially those riffs and solos. (After all, both genres have "classical" in their name). - zxm

7 Classical, Symphonic Metal

Classical and symphonic metal are quite similar. especially the music structure of this song. Classical music is played with soft instruments and symphonic metal with heavy instruments. - zxm

8 Garage Rock, Punk Rock

When first proto-punk came, these were from garage rock bands. Bands like The Stooges or MC5 were also garage rock bands. But as it get louder and faster, it helped created punk rock. - zxm

9 Classical, Metal

Yes, Classical music inspired Metal in general (not onIy Symphonic Metal and Neoclassical Metal). It would be difficult to explain this "classical-metal relationship" in a short comment but I made a list with details, explanations and song samples where you can see more about it: "Top 10 Iconic Metal Songs with Clear Classical Influences (Except Symphonic and Neo-Classical Metal)". - Metal_Treasure

Yes, I agree with it. But the only problem is that I can't explain it that well. I wasn't very confident. That's why I didn't add it. - zxm

Wow really? They seem so different though. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

10 Jazz, Progressive Rock

Ever listened to King Crimson? If so, have you listened to Starless? That was basically Progressive Rock with the elements of Jazz music that created it.

Yes, some of the most technical forms of jazz are used in prog rock and even in prog metal (not popular jazz though). - Metal_Treasure

Prog rock is an unique genre, as well as complicated. It wasn't just created from Jazz, but however jazz inspired prog rock music. what's common in them? the instrumental parts. Jazz is a rhythmic instrumental genre and prog rock has a greater part of instrumental. so jazz inspired some prog rock parts. especially in drumming. if you check then you'll see that jazz and prog rock drumming style is almost same. both have same sticks holding style ( or at least used to). Neil Peart is also a jazz inspired prog rock drummer. - zxm

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11 Punk Rock, Alternative Rock

If you listen to modern punk and alt rock then you'll easily confused them. for example bands like Green Day or Blink 182 (pop-punk) play both of these genres.
However, punk rock was created in 70s and alt rock in 80s. These genres have some similarities. But alternative rock is more melodic and slower than punk rock. - zxm

12 African American Traditional Music, Blues

I don't know what to call this. But African American created blues, and as far as I know they were inspired by their own traditional music (along with other genres). - zxm

13 Disco, Hip Hop
14 Thrash Metal, Death Metal

Yes, thrash metal inspired death metal. You probably know about Slayer. They have been a big influence towards death metal. - zxm

15 Thrash Metal, Black Metal

Like death metal, thrash metal also has some parts in black metal. Black metal was inspired by thrash metal. - zxm

16 Death Metal, Black Metal
17 Jazz, Hip Hop
18 Funk, Hip Hop

Surprised how this isn't higher. - DarkBoi-X

19 Rock, Metal
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