Top Ten Reasons to Hate Americans

Seriously, why do they even exist? They killed more people than Hitler and only starts war. They are the terrorist!
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1 They're brainwashed by their government

United States sucks and I say it with pride. Being a canadian who is part Scottish and Swedish I believe United States to be most overrated nation of mankind. Although they do have more McDonald's and I love burgers I still have to say though Americans need to quit it with fast food. They are the fattest country ever. Say whatever you want about my country. McDonald's making Americans fat since the 1950's. The American dream is a lie. United States was used to be awesome in 1776 until the 1980's American culture was becoming terrible and the 2000's are worse than ever for them. Feel bad for those poor brianashed American souls out their.

2 They're arrogant

I hate Americans. I hate so much Americans. As much as I can't even describe how much I hate these horrible people. And I don't think they have a brain to understand why they're hated by so many people. They never listen to people, they hate the difference, they never think others. They use anything or anyone to be admired. They ALWAYS control everything. As someone says I truly hope they will be nuked to kill all Americans. I tell everyone who reads this comment that Americans are terrible evil creatures.

On a YouTube video, some people, who are most likely Americans, by observation of their behaviour, said that they 'control' the world. They said that there is no country better than the US and said that they could take control of the entire world if they wanted to. I also don't like their English. Most of them aren't even polite when replying to comments. They consider their country as supreme and look on other countries as if they are small ants.

3 They won't shut up about 9/11

Seriously, I'm loving this attention I'm receiving from you guys. I mention 9/11, say how it wasn't as bad as many Americans make it out to be, and then make a few jokes about it on an item that implies that you people cannot take a joke, and what do you do? Well, you guys whine about how I'm being offensive and all that. You know, if you guys are really awesome and if this list is so awful, then why not you Americans prove to me that you don't confine to the traits mentioned in this list and TAKE A JOKE! Jeez, people take lists so seriously.

4 They are unintelligent

The stupidiest thing is voting for Donald Trump as president and keep re electing those who should be voted out. People don't see the truth with elected officials. I feel I could move to England or Canada if Donald Trump is re elected as president of the United States. They aren't agreeing on prostitution legal. I educated them of it. I feel this country is too stupid for me. I lived in the state of New Jersey all of my life. Americans are thinking we need the electoral college. It's a 2 party system. I'd rather an independent or third party.

America is NOT a smart country. If you were so smart, then why are you draining the world of its resources? Why do you keep fighting wars that aren't yours to fight? Why are you letting media brainwash the people? Why do you keep voting for idiot presidents who do nothing to improve the world? Tell me again why you think you are so smart. "We got Steve Jobs! " - Well that comment just made me cry... Steve Jobs is just one of many other major cooperation owners who let's his company be a part of world destruction. He had a few "good" ideas of "making life simpler" - but he never thought of the long term effects of this "good" idea. Is that smart? No.

5 They hate other countries

God, this is really offensive. Do you understand that? Some americans are legit racists, but you have to remember the countless people that protest against racists, and support other countries and immigrants. Not all american is a little mini trump doll. In fact, many americans are pro-immigrant. I know I am. Wherever you're from, whatever your religion, whatever your sexuality, weight, appearance, gender, age, you're fine. Unless you're a serial killer. That's different.

If Trump showed anything is that he represents the spirit of a great majority of Americans. I'm sorry to those Americans who have to be in this situation with all those rednecks that would probably say that the world would not work without their country.

The Americans don't hate other countries, they just want other countries to fall in line with them and if they won't they do their best to destroy them. Let's face it America has killed more people in it's short history than any other country in the world.

6 They have horrible politicians

Coming from an American, this is probably the most accurate thing on this list... But not all Americans are obese arrogant idiots who think that they're better than everyone else. Not all Americans hate other countries and not all Americans are responsible for horrific events such as the bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki or driving Native Americans from their homes. What's next? A list of reasons to hate Germans with the top spot being taken by Hitler? Some people need to grow up and realize that most people in America don't fit these stereotypes, same with any other country. I know that there are many things wrong with America such as racism and shootings that happen monthly and, honestly, I'm ashamed of what my country is becoming but you shouldn't place the blame on all Americans. Blame people like Trump instead of millions of innocents who have no real say in their government.

Haha, I love how so many Americans overreact to this list. True, I hate Americans so to me this list is very accurate, but as a Dutch person, foreigners can't stop joking about drugs and prostitution. Sure, in the beginning it pissed me off, but now I'm fine with it. Seriously, get over yourselves. Nationalism is cute unless you think you and your country are perfect. Because believe me, if one country isn't, it's the USA. American dream? More like American nightmare. One more reason to hate Americans: they can't take negativity or criticism.

Canadian / Native American here. Depends on your definition of Politician. If you mean they know how to cheat and bend the system for their own benefit while lying to the public about everything just so their public image looks heroic... then no, they are awesome politicians.

True, but politicians pretty much everywhere suck royally these days. Gandhi died in 1948, and Winston Churchill died in 1965, so nobody of any substance is left in any government anywhere.

7 They are bullies

I am American of Japanese descent, my family came from the outskirts of Hiroshima, please remember that Americans are all immigrants from somewhere. I also have some native ancestry from North America. Hopefully someday people will learn to be nice to each other and just be kind. Only the bullies from my country seem to make the headlines, and then there are the people in my country who try to clean up the mess that was made by those bullies. Then there are just regular people who want to live their lives.

Canadian / Native American here. Yep. True. From the bottom of the social standing all the way to the top of a business structure or political standpoint. They love to exalt their power over the less fortunate at every chance they get. We natives have felt this first hand ever since they came ashore and it hasn't changed since.

I have Native American blood, and yes, I have to agree with this one. Well, MOST of us are anyway. I'm not a bully, our family is pretty much Canadians who live in America. I get bullied in school a lot, and our government dropped bombs - ATOMIC BOMBS - on the Native Americans.

8 They are racist

I live in Iowa and many of the kids in school refer to "Black" as racist! We aren't all racist! The fact that you generalize all Americans as completely the same is in some way, racist! There is a list on this site telling people why to hate this list that you call "Ten reasons to hate Americans"! Go ahead and tell me reasons to dislike the US because I fully support the fact that America isn't perfect but it's not like we're all the same! I'd put the person who wrote this stupid list in the same category that they put Americans. I'm out!

9 They're obese

Oh my God, please stop. WE ARE NOT ALL OBESE. Many of us are, but lots more aren't. I have met more people who starve themselves because of this stupidity than I have obese. It's destroying how people, especially the young and out of that more young females because of the misogynisim in media, view themselves. I used to walk with my stomach tucked in as far as it could go, holding my breath, whenever I went anywhere. I wouldn't wear shorts because I thought my legs were viewed as too fat. Why? Because of people saying, "Americans are fat." This disgusts me.

Although America is the country with ONE of the highest obesity rates, it should be realized China, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico, Egypt, Germany, Pakistan, and Indonesia, also have some of the highest obesity rates, so the citizens of these countries calling all Americans fat, should be taught what the definition of glass house.

I think that whenever you see an obese person, you should take a moment to thank God that we live in a time of such prosperity. When else in the history of the world did the average person have the ability to eat themselves to a state of such morbid size?

I think that when you see an obese person, you should take a moment to thank God that we live in a time of such prosperity. When else in the history of the world was the average person able to eat so much?

10 They bomb half of the world

What Americans do to themselves is one thing, what they do to others is another. While bombing helpless, half-starving nations with the most powerful, over-funded military ever created is deplorable and an act of terrorism, destabilising the world and exacerbating terrorism in other countries takes it to another level. Just imagine how someone in Canada or the UK wakes up tomorrow thinking the risk he might be killed by a terrorist attack or there might be a nuclear war has increased because another country has decided to elect an idiot, warmonger or a corrupt, lobbied neocon, despite the whole world best intentions warning them not to. How does it feel to be that person?

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11 They can't take a joke

Americans are a very deranged group of people. They have a very narrow, debased, ruthless sense of humor. Many find the suffering of others to be amusing- but not much else. They are a very primitive, unarticulate, low-class nation. Have a look at their bad taste in art.

I LOVE how Americans hate this list(I'm American) even though it true. The only thing I've seen wrong si far is the 911 one. Because that's a tragedy. But it so true. And its not all Americans but mostly white people ( I'm mixed). That why certian people of different nationalities, ethnics, etc hit it off so well here. Because black people are like underclassmen, Asians are Gods and Mexicans lazy. But blacks bring the gold and are watch as slaves while they play sports. Some Asians are dum and if Mexicans are lazy why r u kicking them out because they are taking jobs. Belive it or not we r very fat and selfcentered and make judgements off of stereotype. And make more stereotypes against others based on what we did. I'm a biracial cross between black and white. And I'm American. And the way I'm treated it's ridiculous. Americans act like I can be light skin with an afro like it blow people minds. I'm not saying that other countries aren't bad but we need to improve. And maybe next time don't cite for trump cause if you know what he it's doing now you'd know why.

12 They are stupid

They keep re election useless people and not agree on prostitution legal. I don't think religion is a stupid thing. What's stupid is to support very selfish people. I could move to England if American stupidity gets worse.

Not just stupid. Stupid, arrogant, and upppish.
Still unable to count using tens.

I'm not stupid, which is why I will leave America as soon as possible

13 They hate any country better than them at anything

This just isn't true at all in any way. As an American I can confidently say that no one I know hates other countries for doing things better. No one hates Mexico for having good guac. No one hates Germany for making good cars. No one hates Austria for making good handguns.

Damn right any country that does something more efficiant is a enamie of these disgusting piles of filth, but no matter who is better this foolish world with these poor young souls will continue to worship these hideous race of people.

Canadians have universal healthcare whitch they don't we have quality of life whitch they don't we care about our people whitch they don't we are peaceful whitch they are not yet they still think they are better. We also care about the homeless whitch they do not.

*In a thick, stereotypical Slavic accent*
For all of my life, I thought the American Dream is true and was something to aspire to reach.

14 They make terrible movies

Any film that gets popular for the sake of it, commercialized, spawns unnecessary sequels, becomes an undeserved franchise or a so-called "saga", earn money for no reason, or even suffer the slightest bit of change will ruin the film's artistic and traditional value! You all need to know that movies are not supposed to be "fun"! They do entertain, yes. But both of these terms are subjective! Because you need to know that filmmaking is an ART!

Oh, an by the way. I HATE that term "popcorn movie"! What? You think it's made out of popcorn?! That stupid phrase doesn't even exist!

Honestly 75% of their movies are annoying cliche (with their happy endings) and just plain boring. The other 25 % are movies which tell stories of other countries e.g Long Walk to Freedom the story of Nelson Mandela. So in short they are bad and since they know this they steal other people's stories. THE TRUTH HURTS

The reason why I put that on the list is not because of movies Hollywood makes, but to give the haters a bone to chew on. But yes, I highly regretted putting it on the list because that won't excuse why you hate us Americans so much! Thank god it never will!

15 They support the death penalty

Oh look, an American bringing in Islam to defend his/her own country. I don't completely agree with this list and I would understand why you would be offended but this is about your country, why are you bringing in religion here? Have you got no better argument that you have to bring in religion?

The person who brought Islamic countries into this is a complete idiot, are you saying you want America to be similar to extreme Islamic regimes? No? Then why the hell did you bring that up? Fool.

Many are anti-abortion than other countries.
But are fine with killing some random living person (yes I know they broke the law, but you believe abortion is murder and the death penalty is usually for murdering someone)

Not like in Sweden, where the relatively young guy who massacred 78 people will get out after doing only 40 years in jail. He should be able to get in one more good mowdown when he gets loose on the world at age 60.

16 They used Agent Orange in Vietnam

Should be higher.
My granddad died this year from complications caused by this cursed toxin authorized by the military in a war that never should've happened.

Destroyed an entire country in a very inhuman manner. There was no reason for them to even be there.

17 They think they are the best

They are ingnorent basterds at times. they are no where near great as they used to be back in the late 1700's and 1800's but now in the 2000's americans are idiots and they are jerks. U.S politics was used to attract the most educated but now what the hell happend? they no longer have george washington abraham lincoln or john f kennedy. instead they have this donald trump and hillary clinton. and they are jerks. they are jealous hyppocratical boastful. and yeah they think they are following jesus's footsteps? no! they are not they are idiots. what ever happened to those days when americans were used to be smart? I can name one smart american at the top of my head right now. and that is Benjamin Franklin. he was really smart and educated. but americans are not following him in his footsteps either. quit being ingnorent america. two partied politics is a bad idea.

They are racist and look down on others. Thinking they are special

They think they're better than everyone else!

I'm not going to say anything about this.

18 They're homophobes

I hope who ever the idiot was who made this list realizes that Italy is one of the most homophobic countries in the world. In fact Iran is the most homophobic country in the whole world. So is Nigeria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, India, and Uganda. There some of the most homophobic nations, yet you have the balls to say it's only Americans?

Yo, I have two gay friends, two pansexual friends, a transgender friend, a non-binary friend, two bisexual friends, and I myself am bisexual. But hey, labels are just labels, am I right?

Gay marriage is legal in all 50 states. How's the rest of the world coming along. Oh not as accepting as we are yet? Take your time.

This is oh so true, so many US school districts will be sending representatives to a seminar in Syria to learn the most modern and up to date methods to work gay diversity and LGBT sensitivity into the curriculum back in the USA.

19 They always have an excuse for everything

This is so true. Because every time I politely tell them if they might be wrong then they excuse and never admit their faults. Never. They want to be right all the time. That's why I hate them. It's not only reason I hate them though.

Americans NEVER admit faults and even excuse for justifying their faults all the time. That's American. Look at these comments by Americans, No one apologize. They just excuse. God definitely hates America if he/she exists.

Maybe it's because you Europeans are assuming that the stereotypes are true, seriously, not everything is bad about us. Just visit the good places and you will see

20 They're religious extremists

They don't read the Bible to realise that Christmas is not in it.
Their religion extreme is not listening to someone when you tell them that in history the Christians killed Norse Pagans in the Crusades, then made up Christmas.
They just say put "Jesus" back into Christmas. So ignorant just because the holiday begins with Christ they ignore history about their religion it didn't make trees, decorations, presents, dinner - other ones before it did. They don't want there to be religions before Christianity because they don't want to be wrong it's so annoying.

Religion extremists does not mean murder.
Even though a Christian extremist did bomb an abortion clinic believing Abortion Clinics are Concentration Camps and the people who work there are Nazi's.
It's Christianity - Westboro Baptist Church.
Ken Ham infamous for everything.
The late Jack Chick with his tracts and Christian extremists still making them (In his memory? )

If americans could they would deny global warming, evolution and impose mandatory praying at schools (if that's not already happening) for their stupid evangelical fanatism. After seeing how Trump might win, I realize that all the stereotypes of americans are true, only a small portion of them are reasonable.

They don't even read their Bibles for themselves anymore, they want strangers at their children's educational facilities teaching their children questionable NK-style nationalism
propaganda. And everything America does goes against it.

21 They're unclassy
22 They are always giving to charities

Are you really as charitable as you think you are, or is your government just raising the taxes so Americans have to give more money (technically unwillingly) to charities for the title of being a concerning government. It's impressive how much money has been given away but I don't think you Americans should be taking credibility for it unless you directly donate your money with free will. #Canadianthoughts

The USA gives substantially more to charity in total than any other country, and in fact no other country is even close.
On a per capita basis, it varies somewhat year to year exactly who is on top, but it is often the USA, usually closely followed by Israel, Canada, and the UK.

I thought you were complaining that we didn't aid other countries? So now that's just "another reason to hate America"? I get it... Not!

23 Marriage is a joke

This is definitely the most accurate.

Are americans that stupid?

24 They won't elect Bernie Sanders

He is a communist, yes I think healthcare should be free. But that is the only reason I would even consider supporting him.

I honestly hope Bernie will come back during the 2020 election.

Bernie said he is running in 2020 today, Friday, 25 January 2019, yay!

I wish Bernie would be our next president.

25 They support Obama

We support obama. Yep, because anytime abama is brought up people always rant about how bad he is. And he isn't that bad. Its just that some people hate obama, so others hate obama and their too lazy to do research and form their own opinion on obama.

I'm confused, if the list says the U.S. is racist then how come it also says the U.S. supports it's BLACK president. Sorry, I if I still seem extremely incognizant and credulous.

I thought most of the internet hated liberals always bringing up the past (The slavery) and hate Obama.

Umm not everybody supports Obama I surely don't.

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