Best Native American Actors


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1 Adam Beach

My favorite actor is the whole wife world!.!.! - NerdyNative27

2 Wes Studi

I love Wes, good guy, bad guy, he's great. I especially liked him in the Tony Hillerman movies..

3 Eric Schweig

Eric is such a versatile actor. What ever the character he is playing. It appears he actually becomes that person. Very talented man.

4 Graham Greene Graham Greene Henry Graham Greene OM CH (2 October 1904 – 3 April 1991), better known by his pen name Graham Greene, was an English novelist regarded by some as one of the great writers of the 20th century.

The best actor by a wide margin though there are many good native American actors today.

Very versatile actor can be serious, funny, strange and off the wall whatever it seems to call for he can fill the bill. I love Chief Dan George and Wes Studi who is a talented artist besides being an actor all of these people deserve more cognition than they get.

So many roles, Chief Dan George, Wes Studi, Will Sampson, Adam Beach all are good... But Greene just seems to be a bit better. Studi is a great villan though.

5 Chief Dan George
6 Gary Farmer
7 Michael Grey Eyes

I love this actor for he seems so calm as well quite talented in the art of dance and his crafts a actor. Oh yes I also need to mention he is gorgeous.

8 Nathaniel Arcand
9 Randolph Mantooth

He's a great actor I grew up watching emergency.. He is still active in america with firefighters throughout the country. He's a awesome person

Met him in pigeon forge in October 2014. He is so down to earth and he truly cares about his fans. Hope I get to meet him again

Love him for every thing he does for his fans and fire fighters. Really great actor and all around great man.

He's a great actor. He is still active in the firefighter, paramedic and EMS field as a keynote speaker.

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10 Lorne Cardinal

The Contenders

11 Dakota House
12 Jay Silverheels
13 Lou Diamond Phillips

Henry Standing Bear! He is amazing on Longmire.

14 Will Samson
15 Crystle Lightning

American Pie Bandcamp!? 3 Ninjas … This girl has got to be up there!

16 Rodney Grant
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