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21 Peugeot 106

In Need for Speed Underground 2 it is the best car you could choose at the beginning - great handling, great acceleration, great top speed! Everything is great!

22 Subaru BRZ

That's a beast, HeHEHEHE

23 Porsche 911 GT2

This car is on the game cover... Why? It isn't even a final boss car... Yeah it's only a secondary boss car but like Eddie's Skyline her car is unique. It's impossible (except with mod) to reproduce this car. First because there is not the bodykit of this boss car and also because it's quiet hard to reproduce this vinyl. Just because it's a impossible car to realize, it must be in that list.

24 Aston Martin One-77

Ahhh that's what we like to fight for! Injustice! That man did everything to us to don't win this big race and even used guns! His car is just exclusive (like almost all SIGNATURE car in that game) but he has one of the fastest. You don't need to do some crazy vynil when your car is already exclusive but his midnight black with a light grey stripe on side near to air inlet is clearly cool. Justice end well because he got his car totaled (OUPS SPOILER)

25 Chevrolet Corvette C6

I love this car in nfs games

26 Beck Kustoms F132

Fastest acceleration possible in NFS 2015. Absolutely nuts. It will cost you though...

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