Most Underrated NES Games

What games have you played that nobody talk about that you love on the original Nintendo Entertainment System?
The Top Ten
1 Metal Storm
2 Xexyz
3 Little Samson

This game is extremely rare and valuable. I'll never own a cart since it's too rare and expensive.

This is like a $1000 game.

4 Bucky O'Hare
5 3D World Runner
6 Beetlejuice
7 Panic Restaurant
8 Crystalis

Seriously one of the best NES games. It is one of the only games that I can play multiple times and have fun every time. Crystalis NEVER disappoints with its fun gameplay, music, bosses, items, and more. My personal #1 game on the NES. If your a fan of the Zelda games, or RPGs, his is a game you CANNOT MISS.

9 Castlevania II: Simon's Quest

I actually like this game! It's really good!

10 The Karate Kid
The Contenders
11 R.B.I. Baseball
12 Blades of Steel
13 Wurm: Journey to the Center of the Earth
14 California Games
15 Wizards & Warriors
16 Batman Returns
17 Elevator Action
18 Dick Tracy
19 Jaws

Best game LJN published for the NES. Too bad they went downhill after this.

20 Rambo
21 G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero
22 Kickle Cubicle

Probably the best puzzle game on the nes check it out.

23 Jeopardy
24 Willow
25 Spartan X
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