Top Ten Black Box Nes Games

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1 Super Mario Bros

Second place for me, this game is immune legendary

2 Excitebike

This game contains a custom design mode where you can design your own bike track.

I loved this game, I had a multi - gaming platform

Best on this list for me

3 Duck Hunt

Who doesn't love Duck Hunt? You can play with one or two players (the second player controls the duck) and shot down some ducks and then you can pretend to shoot the Dog. Best Light gun game ever.

To me what I liked was seeing the dog

4 Ice Climber
5 Kung Fu
6 Clu Clu Land
7 Donkey Kong Jr.
8 Balloon Fight
9 Pro Wrestling
10 Golf
The Contenders
11 Donkey Kong
12 Pinball
13 Mario Bros.

Although the NES version, Super Mario Brothers, is far superior with more complex controls and graphics, the Arcade classic remains a personal favorite of many.

14 Volleyball
15 Popeye
16 Wrecking Crew
17 Tennis
18 Hogan's Alley
19 Slalom
20 Soccer
21 Gyromite
22 Stack Up

This game is only playable with ROB the Robot and the acsessories for this game. It's one of the hardest black box games to find. It's more of a collectors item nowadays.

23 10-Yard Fight

Yea... This game is pretty bad...

24 Gumshoe
25 Urban Champion
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