Top Ten Most Innovative Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) Games

The NES Has Had A Lot Of Hard Games, But At Some Times They Can Get Innovative, With These Classic Games,
The Top Ten
1 Super Mario Bros. 3

Awesome And Great Game

2 The Legend of Zelda
3 Super Mario Bros.
4 Metroid
5 Mega Man 2
6 Castlevania
7 Tetris
8 Punch Out!!
9 Duck Hunt

Definitely a classic. I know the dog is a little pissy (that was intentional) and it's limited, but it's still as good as "Super Mario Bros." in my opinion.

10 Kirby's Adventure

Not That Hard So it's Fun

The Contenders
11 Contra

Should be higher.

12 Ninja Gaiden
13 Battletoads
14 Godzilla: Monster of Monsters!
15 Wrecking Crew
16 Excitebiker (Excitebike)
17 Gyromite
18 Famicom Tantei Club: Kieta Kōkeisha

I wish this was a worldwide thing.

19 Balloon Fight
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