Top 10 New Season 5 Locations in Fortnite

This list will contains named and unnamed locations that season five of fortnite brought to the map

The Top Ten

1 Paradise Palms
2 Desert Race Track
3 Linky Links

I love the golf carts there, and it is better than anarchy

4 Viking Village

I love this place, decent loot and at least 3 rifts spawn here even though they took them out - B1ueNew

5 Dusty Divot

I know this is a season four location but it has change a lot when season five arrived so it's on this list - Lucasbck36

6 Desert Junk Junction
7 The Unnamed Mexican Village

There is at least twenay wan chests

8 Desert Gas Station
9 Durr Burger

There's the durr burger but no tomato head? - B1ueNew

10 The Unfinished Building in Tilted Towers

This is technically a location in a location but I'm out of locations so deal with it - Lucasbck36

The Contenders

11 Junk Junction

What do u mean

12 Tomato Temple
13 Risky Reels

This is a season four location - Lucasbck36

14 Desert Bridge

They changed to comnect to the desert and still has a few loot spawns - B1ueNew

15 Noms Sign

At the edge between risky reels and wailing woods - B1ueNew

16 The Rifts Next to the Waterfall
17 Superhero Mansion
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