Top Ten Nicer Name Options for Metal Bands

Seriously... Cannibal Corpse? Suicide Silence? ROTTING CHRIST?!?! Let's name these bands something a little less ...fierce? Would you still listen to metal with nicer band names? Bet you wouldn't :P

The Top Ten

1 Meditating Virgins

Their hit single "Om" topped the charts for ten weeks. - Turkeyasylum

2 Mermaids In Love

Mermaids in Love is a Symphonic Metal band hailing from the Bermuda Triangle. Their hits include: Nemo, I Wish I Had an Angel Fish, Bye Bye Bermuda, Dark Sea of Wonders, I Want My Pearls Back, and many more! - Merilille

3 Cupcake Dream

It's golden imagining hard-core screamo playing from a band called Cupcake Dream! - keycha1n

Lol. Just imagine it. - AnonymousChick

This sounds more scene than anything. - Elina

Maybe if they tripped on LSD. - IronSabbathPriest

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4 Adorable Rabbits
5 The Cuties

All these would be better for a pop group - bobbythebrony

6 Pansies

Well, deep down, aren't they all just pansies? And isn't Hetfield the master of pansies? - PositronWildhawk

I prefere The Poppies as a name - jmepa1234

7 Sane Babysitters

Love this one, Metal_Treasure! Thank you :D - Britgirl

8 Raining Flowers

This sounds like a groovy psychedelic band from the late '60s. - PetSounds

What a lovely list from the loveliest user of the top tens - keyson

Sounds like a old 50s classical music band - jmepa1234

9 Clean Fur Kittens
10 No Skulls

Kinda creepy - abc126

The Contenders

11 Corbyn Policies

Picturing that guy in a socialist metal band is an amusing thought. - PositronWildhawk

I could live with this! - IronSabbathPriest

12 Dog Walkers

This would be a weird name - jmepa1234

13 Saintly Creatures

I could kinda see this. - RiverClanRocks

This one sounds pretty cool, actually. - Luxam

14 Soft Sleepers
15 Lovely Monday's

Contradictory. Monday sucks. - RiverClanRocks

16 Zero Violence
17 Sugar Baby Love
18 Melancholy Tulips
19 Lovely Flight Attendants
20 Addicted To Ice Cream Band

I think Ice Cream Addiction would have been a better way to say it. - Luxam

21 Reborn Saints
22 Super-cool Librarians

This needs to happen. - RiverClanRocks

How about no. - Luxam

23 Undamaged Souls

These contender names sound really good. - Luxam

24 Beautallica
25 The Fluffy Rainbow Buddies
26 Nice Dolls
27 Submissive Daddies
28 Tender-Loin
29 Jesus' Army

This suits a Christian band - SamuiNeko

30 Christ's Baby

A Christian band! How nice. - Luxam

31 Intolerant To Heavy Metals
32 Sunny Weather Forecast
33 Boyband
34 Mummie's Little Soldiers
35 Sweet Tolerance
36 Good News Rockers
37 Chicken Bucket

My idea for a metal band that makes the most sense out of all the ones on here. - imacg4

38 We Make Lovely Music
39 The Boys Scouts
40 Fluffy Puppies
41 Megadream
42 Kitty Overload
43 Unicorn Alliance
44 Gospel Virgins
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1. The Cuties
2. Raining Flowers
3. Dog Walkers
1. Mermaids In Love
2. Meditating Virgins
3. Sane Babysitters
1. Pansies
2. Corbyn Policies
3. Adorable Rabbits


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