Top 10 Best Non-Default Maps In Garry's Mod

There are many different maps to choose from in Garry's Mod, aside from the regular maps like gm_flatgrass and gm_construct

These are the Top Ten Non-Default Maps in Garry's Mod

The Top Ten

1 gm_functional_flatgrass

If you never heard of this map, I'd advise you to download it now. this map is huge, the skybox stretches high, roads go to a huge underground area with a flat area, an elevated terrain area, a cinema, prison complex, warehouses, and a railway system, and the water on this map can hold small or even large ships
Roads are available for races, A railway is for the trains, and there is even a bridge that can retract

This map is legendary download it here: id=298072218 - happywheelz600

2 combine_onslaughtv3_1

Although it may be small and looking amateur, this castle is designed for building a protective base to fend off infinity numbered combine, that run toward the base, giving you the action that you want, though the map can get boring at times, this is the perfect place to test brand new sweps, entities, and snpcs. - happywheelz600

3 gm_freespace_13
4 gm_megacity
5 gm_supersizeroom_v2
6 gm_valley
7 rp_downtown_v4c_v2
8 gm_genesis_b24
9 gm_bigmaze
10 sb_new_worlds_2
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