Greatest Non-English Movies

Non-English movies. It doesn't mean these are from Non-English speaking countries. These can be from English speaking countries too. It only matters that if it's in English or not.

The Top Ten

1 Bicycle Thieves

Best non-english movie I've ever seen. It's an Italian movie. - zxm

It's an italian movie. so it's in italian. - zxm

2 Letters from Iwo Jima

Clint Eastwood was the director of this movie. So it's obvious that this movie was made by both Japanese and American. But it's in Japanese. - zxm

3 A Separation

It's in Persian. - zxm

4 Seven Samurai

It's in japanese - zxm

5 City of God

It's in Portuguese. - zxm

6 Memories of Murder

Its in Korean. - zxm

It's a very good mystery movie. it's kinda Korean version of Se7en. - zxm

7 3 Idiots

I am not an Indian. I don't watch Indian movies. But I've seen this movie. It's worth to watch. - zxm

A classic among Bollywood. Contender for best movie ever. - ProPanda

8 Apocalypto

This is an american movie. but its in Mayan language. - zxm

9 Pan's Labyrinth

Its in spanish. - zxm

10 Rashomon

The Contenders

11 Ip Man
12 Oldboy

Never watched the movie. But this movie is quite popular. And of course it's in Korean. Plus there's an English remake of this movie. - zxm

13 The Seventh Seal

Its in swedish. - zxm

14 Caché

Its in french - zxm

15 Stalker

I didn't like this movie. But it's famous. - zxm

16 Alice in the Cities
17 Persepolis
18 Dilwaale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge
19 Once
20 Waltz with Bashir

Don't know what stopped me but I always wanted to see this movie. I just forget about it. anyway, its in
Hebrew. - zxm

21 The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
22 The Passion of the Christ
23 The Hunt

Danish movie. - zxm

24 Battle Royale
25 The Bothersome Man
26 I Saw the Devil
27 Trollhunter
28 Aftershock (2010)
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