Ten Weirdest Diets

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1 Tapeworms

Its really weird, really disgusting, and has been really deadly. Swallowing tapeworms to loss weight is as stupid as the cotton ball diet!

You might end up on 1000 ways to die. Actually, somebody did for using this diet!

Ewwwww I kinda feel bad for the person in 1000 ways to die

who eats tapeworms? idiots!

2 Ear Stapling

I don't understand the logic behind this idea...

YIKES! who the hell came up with this idea?

3 Eating Cotton Balls
4 Slimming Soup
5 Diet Fork
6 Diet Sunglasses
7 Lemonade Diet
8 Cabbage Soup Diet
9 Diet Patches
10 Clapping Hands Diet

*claps hands*... yay I'm going to lose 5 pounds at the end of the day, lmao

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11 Vegan

Normal, not weird

12 Maple Syrup Diet
13 Twinkie Diet
14 Diet Pepsi

I drank this years ago and I nearly got diabetes as a result

15 All Celery Diet
16 The Egg diet
17 Japanese Morning-Banana Diet
18 All 'Man-Juice' Diet
19 Sleeping Beauty Diet
20 The Monkey Chow Diet
21 The Cookie Diet
22 Breatharianism Diet (eating sunlight)
23 The Shangri la Diet
24 The Bible Diet

This makes no since the bible is a book

25 The Lip Gloss Diet
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