Top 10 Reasons Drinking Water is Important

Drinking water. It's very important for many reasons, and it's good for your health! Aim to drink 8 eight-ounce glasses a day

Here's why it's so important to drink water!
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1 Drinking water regulates your body temperature

When your body is hot, drinking water cools it down!

2 Drinking water protects your tissues, spine, and joints

When you're hydrated, your tissues, spine, joints, etc. are lubricated

3 Drinking water helps aid nutrient absorption

Your body is able to absorb nutrients much better when you drink water

4 Drinking water helps maximize physical performance

When you're hydrated, your strength, power, and endurance are much better.

5 Drinking water helps keep skin bright

Drinking water hydrates your skin, making it more bright.

6 Drinking water helps you lose weight

I had a neighbor who was really overweight. He quit drinking sodas and drank only water and just from doing that, he lost over 100lbs!

Drinking more water while exercising and dieting helps get rid of extra pounds.

7 Drinking water helps improve blood circulation

Drinking water helps move blood around your body much faster

8 Drinking water helps illnesses disappear

Drinking water can help a bunch of illnesses such as constipation, hypertension, etc.

9 Drinking water helps prevent hangovers

If you drink alcohol, you can get serious hangovers.

10 Drinking water helps filter the toxins out of your body
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11 Drinking water prevents kidney stones
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