Top Ten Remedies for Constipation

If you find yourself having fewer bowel movements than in previous weeks, or suddenly cannot pass a stool, you may have constipation. Many people have become constipated once, twice, or even many times in their life. We all know the struggles of being constipated. In the unfortunate case of finding yourself constipated, and not have a clue how to relieve the struggles, here are some remedies to consider loosing out your constipation.
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1 Eat Prunes

Personally, I find prunes to be very effective when it comes to countering constipation, and it almost always does the job. Prunes are known to have natural laxatives and contain a high amount of fiber that pushes your stools going. As prunes are usually high in sugar, it is recommended to take at least 3-6 prunes per day. Prune juice is also considered an alternative remedy for treating constipation.

I never knew about that, I'll give it a try, thank you.

2 Eat More Fiber

Consider eating oatmeal, bran cereal, rice, varieties of fruits and vegetables, and anything that's considered high-fiber. It is recommended you eat at least 15 grams of fiber a day. Fiber is the main component responsible for making your stool flow smoothly and regulating your bowel movements. It's best effective when you increase your uptake to the required intake gradually.

My grandmother always told me this.

3 Drink More Water

Neglecting water is one of the prime causes that you are constipated. Keep track of how much water you're drinking. If that's one of the case, then you need to drink more water. It's recommended that you must take at least 10-15 cups of water a day depending on your weight. In the case you're constipated, drinking several more cups of water at once may do the trick.

Drinking water is very important for digestion. I sometimes tend to not drink a lot of water and when I get constipated, I just drink a few glasses of water, walk a little and it fixes my problem.

4 Exercise

Exercise is known to relieve and decrease the risks of getting constipation quite significantly. It is known that exercise can reduce stress, and it also moves your bowels. Even though you may not have access to a gym, you can start doing squatting and push-ups if you can, but milder exercises (such as taking a walk or jogging around the house for at least ten or more minutes works quite effectively.)

Many people don't exercise much if at all nowadays, it's very unhealthy as exercise helps a lot with digestion.

5 Relax

It is known that the digestive tract can react pretty strongly to stress. I found that relaxing makes your gut's stool easier to pass. If you are stressed because you can't pass a stool, take a moment and try to take several deep breaths as you dissipate the negative thoughts in your mind. Keep telling yourself, "you can do it!" Exercising is also a good alternative for relieving out stress.

Stress is one of the worst things for your system.

6 Don't Ignore the Urge

This happens more often in children. Ignoring the urge causes the stool to absorb more water, thus making it harder to pass. The longer you hold it, the more effort required to push stool down. Listen to your body and go straight to the bathroom once you feel the urge. If you're constipated for several or more days and don't have the urge, consider sitting on the toilet for at least 10-20 minutes. It sometimes take 30 minutes or even an hour in order for stool to pass, so patience is needed.

I did that a few times when I was a kid. Made it even harder than it had to be.

7 Consider your Diet

Sometimes it's better to watch what you're eating. Have you been eating bouts of fried fast food (such as pizza, deep fried meats) recently? Any sweet, sugary foods (donuts, ice cream, cuisines) you've eaten in the past week(s)? Others? (white bread, alcohol, dairy, gluten, etc.) If so, all those following processed foods can make you constipated and it's recommended to limit yourself from those foods and consider eating more healthier alternatives (fruits, vegetables, high-fiber foods).

8 Use a Suppository

For those who don't know, a suppository is a type of medication that can only be inserted into your rectum. Sure this may sound displeasing, but are great alternatives and are usually more effective if you are in desperate urge to pass a stool.

9 Massage your Stomach

Rubbing or pressing the lower bottom of your stomach and hip bones can sometimes relieve constipation. Doing so and gently will stimulate your intestines so it can be easier to pass stools out.

10 Consider A Squatting Posture

Squatting on the toilet can work wonders on some people, as this is the more natural way to do a bowel movement. It puts less stress on the stomach than a sitting position. Do this by getting a high enough stool just in front of the toilet and placing your feet at the stool. Take a note that this will not work for some people.

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11 Drink Coffee

Surprisingly, drinking coffee can force a bowel movement as the caffeine on it acts like a laxative. However, it is not recommended to use coffee as a main remedy for constipation as it can dehydrate you, thus making constipation worse. Excess usage can also have a bad effect, as it can cause diarrhea. Use in moderation.

12 Take a Laxative

In case if you tried all or most of the remedies provided by the list, taking a laxative is your final resort. Laxatives usually do the job by stimulating your intestines to force a bowel movement. However, taking too much laxatives in a daily basis can be counterproductive to your digestive tract, so it's recommended to regulate or stop your intake once the constipation is solved. If you had taken a laxative and still unable to pass a stool yet, see a doctor (if possible), you might have a medical condition underlying that's causing your constipation.

13 Stick to a Routine
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