Top Ten Reasons to Start Eating Healthy Today

The Top Ten
1 To lose weight for a special occasion
2 Healthy foods are delicious
3 So the biology teacher doesn't bother you
4 To help maintain a healthy weight
5 To feel better physically

It helps you have more energy and keep you fuller because vegetables and fruits have water in them which helps you keep full. It also helps you stay in shape and reduce obesity.

6 To feel better about yourself
7 To improve your chances of getting a date

Yes. People still judge you by appearance.

8 So you don't always feel hungry
9 To likely lower your medical expenses in the future

yep, healthy foods may be more expensive, but I think of it as an investment toward your health. Bad diet probably will result in paying high medical expenses later on

10 To help avoid diabetes
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11 To stay "regular"
12 To be a role model for your kids
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