Top 10 Oklahoma Rappers on the Web

Oasis Music Charts presents Top 10 Oklahoma Rappers on the Web! After 5 years of monitoring Oklahoma's hip hop first internet charts (soundclick), and 2 awards shows, we have compiled a list of its highest ranked hip hop artists. Though there are many more hip hop artists and rappers in Oklahoma, this was its first platform with a solid default system structure with a clear idea of who was highest ranked. Feel free to visit for more information.

The Top Ten

1 Beyoh Welloh

Best & Realest rapper in Oklahoma

One of the best young rappers I've heard in a while!

Indigenous rapper, sounds Unique and don't try to sound like anyone els

He’s very creative and I love that he shows respect.

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2 G Sharp

The self-proclaimed King of Oklahoma has assumed his position as such over the past 5 years. Featured on over 20 charting songs including 10 #1 singles on Fire 50 Charts. 4 Oasis Music Chart Awards. And the pure artistry and versatility makes G Sharp a standout artist. Highest most memorable hit of the past few years is "iSpit On Rappers". "MURDEROUS MAXIMUS" is another, reaching over 150,000 views on a year on YouTube. - oasischarts

One of the best artists from Oklahoma. fearless and outspoken. and versatile.

Classic hip hop artist! I love his style and creativity!

Best all around rap artist in Oklahoma

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3 Poet Atlas

Formerly known as Raine, 1/2 of Complex Design, Poet Atlas has been true to his name. Maybe Oklahoma's most poetic artist. Entering 2014 with 3 award nominations and a #1 "the Lighthouse" song boosts his rep. His ability to evolve, drop 5 top 10 hits, and stay consistent over time has gained him a top spot. - oasischarts

4 The Artist

As 1/2 of ANNIHILATION, The Artist has a major advantage over his peers. He won Best Hip Hop Song by Duo /Group for his top 5 smash "The Deal feat. The Individual, G Sharp" at 2013 Oasis Music Chart Awards. Having over 10 songs chart, including 5 #1 singles, and a unique style, The Artist has earned his spot on this list. - oasischarts

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5 Alan Doyle

After winning all 3 of his OMCA nominations in 2013, including Video of the Year for "Matador", Alan Doyle continued his push by releasing 2 new singles which are both also nominated. He received the most votes at the 2013 Oasis Music Charts Awards" His highest charting single is "About Me" which reached #7 on Fire 50 Charts and #3 on Hip Hop charts. - oasischarts

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6 Okie Boy Goons

I love zero's music he's got 10 badass music videos on YouTube under Okie Boy Goons. 3 of his videos are over 100,000 hits he's got a lot of haters but a lot more fans they call him the scariest white rapper. This guy will definitely be rich and famous it's just a matter of time. And nobody reps Oklahoma like zero from okie boy goons he's got Oklahoma tattooed on him face great state pride

I love the okie boy goons

Zero has always been my favorite rapper from Oklahoma city. he's gotta be in the top ten. Ten Toe Swag should be the number 1 song in the okc

Their music is original and from the heart, Good Stuff

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7 Sabel Queen

Best female rapper I've heard since Lauryn Hill - stallion92

As the top ranked femcee, Sabel Queen is a very fitting name. After releasing 8 top 20 singles, she released the #1 monster collab "Oklahoma Choppers" which featured G Sharp, Cadency the Prince, and Chucky Baby. The video reached over 100,000 views on YouTube. And with het diverse style and goddess attitude, she deserves each of her acholades. - oasischarts

Always been Solid

8 T.M.O.

T.M.O. has been on the rise since his first major feature on the #1 single "Sky Is The Limit" a song by G Sharp, The Artist and himself. With 3 total nominations, and over Top 10 singles on the Oasis Fire 50 Charts, T.M.O. has made his argument. "Smooth Sailing" is his highest charting song to date. - oasischarts

9 Warrbuckss

Mr. "Team Large Balls" is well deserving of a spot after years of hit making. Has had 8 songs reach Oasis Hip Hop Singles Chart, including the aforementioned "Team Large Balls" and the award nominated single "Keep On Tryin' feat. Black Light". - oasischarts

10 Cadency Tha Prince

After winning Best R&B Song for his single "Lights" at 2013 OMCAs, and contributing a verse on the monsterous "Oklahoma Choppers" track, its no wonder Cadency the Prince made the list. Several features on other tracks also helped, like "Dime-A-Dozen" by G Sharp, another number one single. - oasischarts

The Contenders

11 Young Verse

From poetic to explosive, Young Verse has displayed it. His highest charting single "Rock & Roll" reached #2 on Oasis Hip Hop Singles Chart and the visuals for the song gained him a Video of the Year nomination at the OMCA's. - oasischarts

12 A2ThaMo

As one of the first artists to make our chart back in 2010, A2ThaMo is a one of a kind artist. His latest single "Feeling You" is nominated for an Oasis Music Awatd. - oasischarts


13 D-HOG

D-Hog putting the 918 on the map! Much love from another hogshooter boy!

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14 Sonny Rose V 1 Comment
15 The Individual

Cool kid dig the lyrics - 918Fiend

16 Yung Son
17 Armyboy

Mixture of Kanye Buster and Lupe, just a more censored version

SOMEBODY SIGN THIS MAN. We need somebody in the industry to shoot him a message NOW.

18 Jesse Dalton Music
19 2Kold V 1 Comment
20 Slyrex

By far the most versatile

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