Top 10 Most Overrated Theatrical Movies of All Time

We talked about the best and worst movies released in theaters, now let's talk about the ones that get more praise than they deserve.

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1 Titanic

I hate Titanic! I'm not saying it's a god awful film, but it just didn't do anything for me. I don't care about the love story between the two main characters. I think Leonardo DiCaprio is a great actor, but honestly this isn't his best performance. He's had much better performances! A majority of the film is so boring! The movie is over three hours long and nothing interesting happens until the very end when the boat sinks! And even during that climactic part, I don't care that the characters are dying! It's not emotional! I just realized! Rogue One is kind of similar to Titanic! It's a movie with bland characters and an ending that we all saw coming and I don't even care that the characters die! Titanic is a pretty overrated movie. But I'd still rather watch this than those terrible animated Titanic films! - MegaSoulhero

Can't disagree with this at all I mean everyone says this is his best work well go watch the Departed that well make you forget about this film all together. - htoutlaws2012

I love titanic! I'm really sad about the ending but the one thing I would rather say about this movie is...jack didn't have to die!

Personally its just not that amazing, its nowhere near as good or bad as people claim it to be in my opinion - VideoGamefan5

Celine Dion's song (one of the best songs ever made) was better than the actual film...interesting... - DCfnaf

2 Beauty and the Beast (2017)

If Emma Watson gets nominated for best actress at the Oscars next year, something is seriously wrong! This was a Razzie worthy performance! I don't know why the keep casting her in movies! I don't hate this film, but I'm aware that a lot of people love it to the point of even saying that it's better than the original. Whenever I hear someone say that, I laugh hysterically. Why would they remake something that didn't need to be remade? This is one of the most unnecessary movies ever! The scenes that were inspired by the original lacked the charm that the original scenes had! Such as when Beast told Belle to leave the west wing, it wasn't as powerful! And as much as I love Evermore, I preferred when the Beast let out a roar in the original because it was more impactful! They also added new scenes that were mostly filler! There are things to like about the film, but there are also things to hate about it! Emma Watson is a terrible actress and a terrible singer! Speaking of people who ...more - MegaSoulhero

Absolutely no need for a remake, if I wanted to I watch it in its original classic format not this Emma Watson crap, now I fear for things like Aladdin, and the Lion King possibilities. - htoutlaws2012

This is overhated and overrated at the same time. It's not great, but how is it worse than movies like "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul"? - DCfnaf

Overhyped like rouge One - Randomator

Jake Paul sucks - PeeledBanana

I'm not defending jake paul but what does that have to do with this movie? - VideoGamefan5

3 La la Land

I didn't add this MegaSoulHero, just letting you know. Either way, I do think this is very overrated. The musical numbers were unmemorable and only appeared at like...the beginning of the movie and the very end. Mia was an annoying brat and Sebastian was stupid and couldn't sing. Then there's the stupid as hell story. I have to spoil the ending: Basically some person working on a musical CONVENIENTLY showed up at Mia's play that *ahem* no one was attending *ahem*. She invited her to audition for their play, and when she gets there...they have nothing. I'm not even joking. This moron INVITED HER OVER to audition for something they didn't have. Who wrote this crappy movie? Then they say that they want MIA to come up with a story. So what you're saying is that WRITERS for a musical are asking a RANDOM ACTRESS that they DON'T KNOW to write a story FOR THEM?!?!?!? Oh, and it gets better. Conveniently enough, they actually had a setting for this play: Paris, France. Well oh my lord, Mia's ...more - DCfnaf

4 Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

I like this movie, but it's overrated. When this came out, people praised it and said it was better than TFA. Yeah! No! It's not! Rogue One is mainly fanservice! They add a bunch of references to appeal to the fanboys! It gets annoying real fast! Even though the CGI can be really awesome at times, the CG on Leia and Tarkin are some of the worst I've seen in recent years! The pacing is very sloppy in the first half! It's just them going from planet to planet! It gets very confusing! The worst part of the movie would have to be the characters! They are so uninteresting! The characters are supposed to be the best part of any Star Wars film! That's what makes the movies worth watching! And when the characters died, I didn't even care! However, one thing that I absolutely loved about this movie was the Darth Vader scene at the end! That was fantastic! That is one of the best scenes in any Star Wars film! This movie is okay, but not something that I would watch over and over again. It's ...more - MegaSoulhero

Very overrated as a matter in fact, then they said Star Wars VII some say they had great distain well here's my distain on Rouge One it is totally useless at the wrong year, and the wrong time. - htoutlaws2012

MegaSoulHero basically summed up my gripes with this movie is his comment, so I'll keep my criticisms brief: The characters are awful, the story is predictable and lazy, there's obvious fanservice involved, and the CGI was poor. Overall a mediocre film and HIGHLY undeserving of its insane praise. - DCfnaf

Trash - VideoGamefan5

Chirrut and K2SO were the only characters I liked - VideoGamefan5

5 The Hunger Games

Jennifer Lawrence is the worst actress ever! And that's all you need to know. Oh, you want more? Okay then. When you make a movie adaptation of a book, it tends to be bad. And this was no exception. However, it managed to get good reviews. It has an 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. There is literally nothing in this movie that I would call amazing! Okay, maybe a few things, but for the most part, I was underwhelmed! I never read the books, but I still found the movie to be incredibly predictable! Some of the acting was okay, but as usual, Jennifer Lawrence gives the worst performance out of everyone! When has she ever given a good performance? Never! Jennifer Lawrence sucks and so does this movie! - MegaSoulhero

I was not that huge into the books, but I knew of the story, and I never wanted to see any Hunger Game movies even if its Jennifer Lawrence. - htoutlaws2012

After reading the books, I really looked forward to the movies. Jennifer Lawrence made it suck.

I have never seen this movie. - PeeledBanana

6 Avatar

Seriously? This needs to be #1. This is a white boy's fantasy about saving the native Americans. The only "Special" thing about it is that he wowed everyone with 3D Special Effects that weren't worth the extra money people paid to see it that way. It's a ripoff of several other movies, all of which are better than this piece of drek. Can we just postpone the sequels indefinitely?

7 The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Rocky Horror Picture Show is the worst musical I've ever seen. I know a lot of people on this website have a strong hatred for La La Land for reasons, but regardless of what you think of that masterpiece, at least it had a story! This movie is just a bunch of random nonsense with cringe-worthy scenes and annoying musical numbers! The only reason why this movie is so popular is because of audience participation! In the original stage production, they made it so that the audience could do things at certain times which makes them part of the show! That sounds fun! As for this movie version, it had the longest theatrical release ever! That's because there were special midnight showings in which people would bring props and dress up in costume and they would dance to the songs! Again, that sounds like it would make the film worth watching despite how bad it is! But I watched this movie all alone on a laptop for a school assignment! And I felt like I was being tortured! Awful movie! - MegaSoulhero

This looks dumb based on that picture. - DCfnaf

Steaming pile of $h! t - PeeledBanana

8 Slumdog Millionaire

The Dark Knight should've won - PeeledBanana

9 The Notebook
10 Forrest Gump

The Oscars are rigged! It's so obvious! I mean, why else did Moonlight win an Oscar this year? But the fact that Forrest Gump won while competing against the Shawshank Redemption and Pulp Fiction is a crime! Forrest Gump sucks! I watched in History class when I was in high school, and it was terrible! This movie pretty much teaches people that even if you're not very bright, you can still be successful through luck! People actually tried their hardest and worked very hard to get where they are now! Forrest became famous due to dumb luck! Tom Hanks did a great job for what he was supposed to do since he's always a great actor, but anyone could've played this character! I didn't like this character at all! Very irritating! Clearly I don't like this movie, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't like it. I still don't think this deserves the praise that it gets. - MegaSoulhero

This is very overrated as a movie in general, there are several better movies. Also, THANK YOU for having them exclude Frozen. - DCfnaf

Unfortunately, admin decided to take out the "Excluding Frozen" part of the title - MegaSoulhero

There are way better movies that should be higher than Forrest Gump on the best movies of all time list like Jaws & Goodfellas.

This deserved best picture. - PeeledBanana

The Contenders

11 The Fast and the Furious

No idea how this franchise lasted as long as it did. All of the movies are stupid! They're nothing but car chases with very little story! The car chases aren't even that great! Baby Driver had much better car chases! They felt more real than the ones in this franchise! That's because every single car stunt in Baby Driver was real! It was a much better movie than all of the Fast and Furious movies combined! And yeah, I watched F8 of the Furious, I hated that movie! Every single movie in this franchise feels like the same! Every character is forgettable! Why are there 8 of these movies? And there's gonna be a ninth one! Stop making these movies! They are awful! - MegaSoulhero

Can we kill off the films now there overdone, and need to die off since Paul Walker died. - htoutlaws2012

Watch Baby Driver instead, that actually TELLS A STORY. - DCfnaf

Finally, someone who agrees this is oversaturated - VideoGamefan5

12 The Social Network
13 Transformers

Basically, this entire franchise is terrible. I'm aware people hate the sequels, but for some reason, people seem to really like the first movie. But I'm gonna be honest, I didn't like this movie! I remember watching this movie in a theater when it first came out. I was 9 years old and even back then I hated it! I'm turning 20 in October by the way. Anyway, I remember every kid at my school talking about how good the movie was and I was the only one talking about how terrible it was! Even to this day a lot of people like it! Yes, it's the best one in the franchise, but that's not saying much considering the sequels are absolute garbage! Michael Bay's Transformers movies all feel like the same! Bland characters, weak stories, and an overuse of CGI! It looks like an absolute mess! I've been boycotting these movies after the third one! I started to just wait and watch the movies online to see how bad they are so I won't have to spend money on these terrible movies! Since Michael Bay is ...more - MegaSoulhero

Now hold up the first one was the only one that's acceptable as good while the others are not very good in fact we should of just had the second movie, and that's it not this change cast crap each film. - htoutlaws2012

Ain't no way ain't no how is this movie overrated! This movie is so underrated! The first one was a great film! The second one sucked. The third one was better, and the fourth one was not as good as the third, seriously it didn't deserve all the hate it got! And I haven't seen the fifth one, but I'm hoping for the best

Every movie in this series was honestly awful. - DCfnaf

This was good but the sequels suck - PeeledBanana

14 Hercules (1997)

"Honey, you mean Hunk-ules". Lines like that are what make me question how Disney ever thought releasing something as stupid as this would be a good idea. This movie is not good. The only thing I like about this movie is the song Go the Distance. But other than that, this movie is terrible! Hercules is a very generic character and a Superman ripoff, Megara is very bland and uninteresting, Phil is very annoying, and Hades I guess is pretty cool. This movie does a very poor job at humor! There was only one joke I laughed at involving Hades, and that was it! The changes they made to the story of Hercules are painful! And what's with the gospel music in a movie about Ancient Greece? There are so many things that don't make sense! When Hercules becomes a hero, apparently they made action figures of him even though action figures weren't invented until 1964! Also, Hades is the ruler of the underworld so when Pain and Panic lied to him about Hercules being dead, why didn't he just check to ...more - MegaSoulhero

Call me crazy, but this is more underrated in the sense that yes the story was not true to the mythology realm it was just being kid friendly with comedy action adventure value in it which was not that bad of a mix. - htoutlaws2012

This is underrated, not overrated

Why does everyone find this overrated, personally, its underrated at most - VideoGamefan5

15 Zootopia

It's not a great movie, just has an oh-so-timely message without which it would have quickly been ignored and forgotten like it truly deserved.

Its overrated but it's a great movie - VideoGamefan5

Ok, I know it's not THAT overrated anymore, but the fans were crazy during 2016 to early 2017. - darthvadern

16 Pitch Perfect
17 Frozen

How is this not on the list? Overrated in every way - Randomator

18 Suicide Squad

A movie no one likes isn't overrated. - DCfnaf

Some people on this site like it, though I respect their opinions - VideoGamefan5

Why isn't this in the top 10?

19 The Amazing Spider-Man

A very overhyped cash grab - VideoGamefan5

20 The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is a good film. It has excellent animation and a very awesome soundtrack! Everything about it is basically great! Except for one thing! ARIEL! She's the only thing that's keeping me from considering the Little Mermaid as one of the best Disney films! I did a whole rant about her in a post if you want to read it. But anyway, Ariel is a pretty big problem and pretty much everything bad that happens in the film is her fault! She gives up everything to be with a human she doesn't even know! She makes a deal with Ursula of all sea creatures and gives up her voice! She nearly gets a bunch of people killed by disobeying her father! And I'm the end, she gets rewarded by getting to keep her legs and she doesn't learn a lesson! And yeah! This movie has no lesson! If you disobey your father and nearly get people killed, you still get what you want? That's not how life works! The ending really infuriated me. This movie doesn't deserve the praise it gets and Ariel is the worst ...more - MegaSoulhero

I actually in a way agree with this one since I'm a male, and I would always see this, and while good it is very overplayed. No wonder All dogs go to heaven was vastly underrated compared to this movie. - htoutlaws2012

21 Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron is way better than this, it had a lot of connection towards the original, great story, good humour, I might buy the Avengers 1 and 2 boxset if they still sell them. The original was not as good as Age of Ultron, but this movie plain sucked, so bad it is in the top 5 worst movies ever and the worst sequel ever made besides The Thinning 2. Both The Thinning movies are the worst. Endgame was not that much better, but still disappointed. IRON MAN DIES! Ha ha! Movie spoiled.

How is this not here? This movie SUCKED - B1ueNew

22 Interstellar
23 300

That wolf looks fake as hell!

24 The Secret Life of Pets

Should be in the top 10

Underrated if anything, the reviews say otherwise it wasn't highly rated like in the 60's% range. I'm not saying its great I would not say overrated per say. - htoutlaws2012

25 Kill Bill: Volume 1
26 Cool Runnings

Had good reviews though it's crappy

27 The Lego Batman Movie

I just like it... The Lego Movie was WAY better - PeeledBanana

SUper overrated - VideoGamefan5

28 Scream

I think it's decent and all, but the franchise went downhill so fast!

29 The Terminator

I absolutely loved T2, but this was great as well. This film just didn't age well.

30 Bridesmaids
31 Girls Trip
32 Paul Blart: Mall Cop
33 Sing
34 Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates
35 Sex Tape
36 Inception

Not a bad movie. To be honest, I have mixed feelings for Christopher Nolan.

37 The Hateful Eight

Proof Tarantino went downhill.

38 Alien: Covenant

It's decent but too much flaws!

39 Prometheus

The logic is messed up!

40 Gladiator

While I think it's great, it hasn't really aged well. But the musical score & dialogue is outstanding!

41 Scooby Doo: On Zombie Island

The same with Prometheus!

42 Avengers: Age of Ultron

Disappointing, not really bad - VideoGamefan5

It's really bad actually!

43 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2
44 Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
45 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
46 Joy
47 Silver Linings Playbook
48 American Hustle
49 Winter's Bone
50 X-Men: Apocalypse
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