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21 Cars

Did it really need a sequel? And. Now planes? - Randomator

22 Barbie
23 Star Trek
24 Spider Man

Um...I enjoyed the Toby McGuire series, it's not oversaturated anymore and the two spider man movies after this trilogy were way worse. - DCfnaf

How many T.V. seasons it got? And SpiderMan got onobixious here, it should've been a movie only series. - DaisyandRosalina

First 3 Are good, but TASM1 and 2 are overrated- VideoGamefan5

The first 3 movies were great, the 2 TASM films were ehhh to bad, homecoming looks amazing - VideoGamefan5

25 Die Hard
26 Hotel Transylvania

How many do we need?

This series is literally having a 3rd one! Why? It comes out July 13. I'm going to spend my money on the sonic the hedgehog movie that comes out on the same day, instead

27 Minions

I'm wondering if Despicable Me 3 will be good or not...I'm not sure. - DCfnaf

This was pretty mediocre. - mattstat716

I kinda liked it, yet it needs a plot - Adventurur2

You know how overrated this is, well minions is the 2nd highest grossing animated movie! Illumination doesn't care if their movies are bad, they just want to get their greesy hands on the dirty money they made! Greedy Monkeys! 🐒

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28 Hunger Games

Yeah because it became extremely overrated - Adventurur2

Surprised this isn't higher. - Randomator

29 Alpha & Omega

This series needs to die!

30 Friday the 13th
31 Open Season

Just dumb - Randomator

Basically Ice age but surprisingly More stupid, Open season 3 is one of the most retarded movies I've ever seen, - VideoGamefan5

32 Sing

I hope the sequel is good to!

Hope The Sequel Is Good - JPK

33 Ocean's Series

Ocean's 11 with Matt Damon, Brad Pitt, and George Clooney was pretty good, but I refuse to watch the rest.

34 The Little Cars
35 The Lion King

The first film was amazing, but the others? Meh. - HaxKid

The franchise as a whole is terrible, in my opinion. (i.e. having an entire species of hyena as henchmen, having the same animal stereotypes and lame character tropes over and over again, the list goes on and on)

36 Jurassic Park

I disagree with Star Wars and the Mcu. But The first Jp flick is the only one worth watching! At least it's franchise is not as bad as Star Trek and Harry Potter!

37 The Mummy

The first is fairly enjoyable! But the sequels were lackluster Garbage!

38 Indiana Jones
39 The Marvel Cinematic Universe
40 Spy Kids

4 Movies, Like seriously? ,They came out in 2001, 2002, 2003, And then A 4th one nobody asked for comes out Like 8 years later? - VideoGamefan5

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