Top 10 Pakistani Hacker Teams

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21 Death Adders Crew

No need introduction just google us.

22 Pakistan Cyber Ghosts

My Team My Family

Great Team - Dedicated Hackers.Defaced 2.2K sites on 15 Aug. Which was more than any other team on that day.


23 BadLeets
24 Netis Hackers HeLL V 1 Comment
25 Anonymous Pakistan
27 PakLeets
28 Team Pirate Pakistan - TPP

One of the best teams in Pakistan

Any Facebook hacker here please help me I voted for your team

Team Pirate Is the best Pakistani Hackers Team. It have legendary hackers in it

Best team in Pakistan team pirates Pakistan

V 6 Comments
29 CraXer Cyber Hackers - CCH V 2 Comments
30 The Unknowns
31 Trojan Boy V 1 Comment
32 Tabraiz Haxor
33 [A]lex@nder [P]r!v@te [$]h@rk

I Am a Hacker But I don't Want To Be A Criminal

34 Teamleets

Teamleets Best Hacking Team in Pakistan Malik_X

35 Hacking Master

I can't share anything with you without happiness.

36 Blizzard Gang

Anything in Cok world is possible.

37 Binary Squad

Highly lethal hacking team from top hackers from Pakistan.Works only for Pakistan cyber defense.

38 One Man Army
39 Pak Cyber Pyrates

One of the best hacker from Pakistan. Literally nailed down Indian servers, railways also stock exchange.

The best team in 2011 and 2012s...

40 Pangay Baaz Cobra

The Oldest Hackers Gang Of Facebook.
Multi Hackers Gang

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