Best Paladins Champions

Paladins is an online fantasy based shooter game released in 2016. There are currently 19 different champions, which are the playable characters. Which are the best?

The Top Ten

1 Mal'Damba

Add full reload speed to your load out and start out with deft hands. Game over other healer.

This champion is a beast literally! Healer and damage AMAZING

Duh, best champ

Mal’Damba has two powerful healing skills, a stun on his reload, decent health, decent mobility for repositioning, a top-tier point-clearing ultimate, and a decent amount of damage.

2 Pip
3 Sha Lin

He is literally epic! How could a bow deal 1000 damage? Also his speed is quite fast too. I also like the stealth mode and how he makes clones of him self


He is so good

The best

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4 Viktor


5 Skye

Best flank in my opinion

6 Androxus

Its just amazing!

Best Flank.If you know how to play as him your a God.I once got 42 kills.NOT ELIMINATIONS

7 Maeve

Great flank high damage fun to play as if your good under pressure

Lover her should be higher great damage amazing flank

Awesome amounts of damage, and and insane amount of mobility. Really fun for you and annoying for the other team. You do have to time her attacks though. that's her only drawback

Low hp: escape quickly, heal up. Flank em’ and they’re dead

8 Bomb King

Bomb King, in my opinion is one of the best characters. His primary attack are bombs which do 900 damage each and can stack up to 6 on one target. His abilities include a bomb which stuns enemies and this is a great time to get some of your high damage bombs stuck to a target. His other ability is a low damage bomb that can either blast opponents away from you or you away from them. You can also just blast people off the map which is great. His ults are one of my favorites in the game, Bomb King turns into a literal rolling bomb of death dealing 2,400 damage enough to kill all characters but some frontlines.

Best and most Versatile damage output
(In my opinion)

Sticky bombs are great.

9 Ying

"Amazing character and descent attack. She has high mobility with her teleport and she is able to heal quite effectively, especially taking into consideration her ultimate."

She's my main. Clones that heal, shatter, and allow you to tp is just awesome. - pikacory02

Great healer with awesome illusions. Also has good dps as well!

10 Zhin

The Newcomers

? Talus

The Contenders

11 Lex
12 Kinessa
13 Seris

My queen of the abyss.

14 Ruckus

I'm The Second Person To Vote On This, Anyways Ruckus Is My Favorite Character For A Multitude Of Reasons. First Off, He Has A Very Compeling Backstory, Second, If You Pair Him With A Pip, A Makoa, A Victor, And A Fernado, YOUR GOING TO WIN. - TundraTopTenners

15 Moji

So good

She does have low mobility, not going to lie. But she deals a fair amount of damange and using the right cards can make her an amazing flank. I use a healing deck so that I’m battle I can use my magic barrier,get some more health, and kill the enemy. Not only that, but her Ult is very good if you can get to the character in time. Just how she’s made though too is amazing.

16 Fernando
17 Evie


18 Lian
19 Strix

Strix probably has the best potential because strix has a sniper if wich used right can be deadly and if you have a trigger finger the pistol could easily beat victor

His sniper gun is really good. Also, his pistol does even more damage then jenos's star splitter. There is also a flare if you right click from the pistol. He could also turn stealth so he could be a stelath sniper. He also blinds people

20 Tyra

Direct upgrade

Good one!

21 Drogoz

Drogoz is usually claimed as the legit best champion by a few people. High damage, very quick K.O's, pretty good mobility, and is just awesome

22 Terminus


23 Cassie

Playing her requires good aim but her damage is pretty amazing. Best champion for me.

24 Grover
25 Makoa
26 Willow

The name is spelled wrong, it is spelled Willo, not Willow.

27 Jenos

He is quite good healer and also his damage is quite good with binary star

28 Ash

Very hard to flank.

29 Inara

I'm so confused. I believe inara can't be beat by anything. The reasons.
1. She controls movement by blocking paths which is awesome for siege.
2 Earthen Gaurd is awesome on its own but with a good healer it allows 40 increased healing.
3. Warders field on your side of the wall slows 60 percent while damaging the enemy 150.
4. Deals 675 damage with her staff.
I think she is the best character I play her constantly.

30 Furia
31 Mr_Awesome

Shalin is epic dude he is my main for now

32 Khan Khan
33 Koga
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