Best Paladins Champions

Paladins is an online fantasy based shooter game released in 2016. There are currently 19 different champions, which are the playable characters. Which are the best?

The Top Ten

1 Mal'Damba

Mal’Damba has two powerful healing skills, a stun on his reload, decent health, decent mobility for repositioning, a top-tier point-clearing ultimate, and a decent amount of damage.

2 Sha Lin


3 Viktor
4 Pip
5 Bomb King
6 Kinessa
7 Fernando
8 Skye
9 Maeve

Great flank high damage fun to play as if your good under pressure

Lover her should be higher great damage amazing flank

10 Androxus

The Contenders

11 Ying

She's my main. Clones that heal, shatter, and allow you to tp is just awesome. - pikacory02

12 Zhin
13 Ruckus

I'm The Second Person To Vote On This, Anyways Ruckus Is My Favorite Character For A Multitude Of Reasons. First Off, He Has A Very Compeling Backstory, Second, If You Pair Him With A Pip, A Makoa, A Victor, And A Fernado, YOUR GOING TO WIN. - TundraTopTenners

14 Drogoz

Drogoz is usually claimed as the legit best champion by a few people. High damage, very quick K.O's, pretty good mobility, and is just awesome

15 Evie
16 Grover
17 Tyra
18 Ash

Very hard to flank.

19 Seris
20 Lex
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