Top Ten Best Panasonic 3DO Games of All Time

What it takes to be 32-Bit? Let me introduce you to the 3DO
We are counting down with Top Ten Best Panasonic 3DO Games of All Time

The Top Ten

1 Gex

What happen if a lizard and a human mate each other?! Well it's a Gex yes Gex like those Sonic games but Gex is a whole lot different

2 D

D isn't a educational game because of the alphabet well you are wrong this game is scary yes I said that its even more scary than Slenderman games, yeah D my butt this one is scary

3 Quarantine

Similar to Carmageddon but this one just literally blow your mind away

4 Alone In the Dark

You think D is the scary one well there are scary games on the 3DO its Alone in The Dark this game is so scary like if you are alone in a dark place well it make sense!

5 The Need For Speed

Ever wondered a NFS game on a 3DO well there are NFS games it's the original Need For Speed game on the 3DO

6 Doom

Doom was one of the best shooting games I mean I am not talking about Call of Duty or Medal of Honor this is the hot ticket this is where it all began

7 Road Rash
8 Return Fire
9 Syndicate

Like the shooting game this is the inferior of Doom and Wolfenstein 3D but so good it will make your head explode

10 Wolfenstein 3D

Its one of the best games - BramanTyo

You ever want to be cool well this is the game for you presenting Wolfenstein 3D the best FPS in the universe its time to throw away your Call of Duty games

The Contenders

11 PO'ed

Like Doom, PO'ed is another clone of Doom but it still an inferior and it fades away by the way the gameplay is great

12 Samurai Shodown
13 The Horde
14 Super Street Fighter II Turbo
15 Shock Wave
16 Captain Quazar
17 Ballz: The Director's Cut

The classic Ballz 3D was great but the 3DO version I give a double thumbs up

18 Crash N' Burn
19 Dragon's Lair
20 Immercenary
21 Super Wing Commander 3
22 Killing Time
23 Pataank

Pataank (1994) is retrogame on 3to-Cool-Yes, Maria impersonare Kapustin United Nations pinball: cab, ovviamente, dear, the only time you can.

24 Night Trap
25 Plumbers Don't Wear Ties

...what the (bleep)...? Why is this monstrosity here? - Gehenna

26 Johnny Bazookatone
27 Panzer General
28 Space Ace
29 Alone In the Dark 2
30 Flashback
31 Space Hulk
32 Theme Park
33 Defcon 5
34 Policenauts
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1. Doom
2. Road Rash
3. The Need For Speed
1. Return Fire
2. The Need For Speed
3. Gex
1. Gex
2. Quarantine
3. D


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