Top 10 Parody Video Game Titles


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1 Five Nights At Freddy Got Fingered

I would never spend five nights in a movie theatre watching Tom Green's miserable attempts at humor. - xandermartin98

2 Rats*** and Wank
3 Super Italian Bros.
4 F*** Emblem
5 Rave Story
6 Little Dick Planet
7 President Evil

Donald Trump

8 Fallout Boy

This is genius! Do I get to listen to Fall Out Boy songs too? - Merilille

Nice name. - shawnmccaul22

9 Link: The Feces of Evil
10 Supers*** 64

The Contenders

11 Advance Whores
12 Metal D*** Solid
13 Castlemania
14 House of the Douche
15 Cock Band
16 Final Flantasy

I changed Cloud's name to Stinky one time

Cloud of farts that they named him Cloud, hehe! Get it!

17 Mega Man XXX
18 Henry Hatsworth and the Prissy A**holes
19 Cho Aniki: The Gayest Game Series Ever Made
20 Kid Dickarus: Uprising
21 Super Shulk Bros Feelin' It
22 The Elder Scrolls: Vaginarim
23 Gaster Blaster Master
24 Overrated Fantasy VII

Oh my god! Too dark!

25 Funky Kong Flame Runner Wii
26 Parappa the Raper
27 The Legend Of Celda: Wand Wanker
28 The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The A**
29 Whoreframe
30 The Pay-To-Win Scrolls Online
31 Pez

Another good attempt of a parody with Fallout Boy - shawnmccaul22

32 The Legend of Wii: Skyward Boner
33 Cow of Doody
34 Cattlefield
35 Meme Fortress 2
36 Gaylo Reacharound
37 Mario & Luigi: Partners in Crime
38 Halo 4-Ever
39 Pokémon: Color X and Pokémon: Color Y
40 No More Heroin
41 The Elder Scrolls: A**rim
42 Sonic the Foot-Fetish Magnet
43 Shadow: The Hedgehog Who Tries Way Too Hard To Be Edgy
44 God of Whores
45 Mortal Wombat
46 Super Smashed Bros
47 League of Losers
48 World of Warcraft and Poopsocking
49 Donkey Kong C**try 2: Dixie's Dong Quest
50 Donkey Dong
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1. Super Italian Bros.
2. Five Nights At Freddy Got Fingered
3. Rave Story
1. Five Nights At Freddy Got Fingered
2. Rats*** and Wank
3. F*** Emblem


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